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Data Copy King: Most cost-effective hard drive duplicator For Individuals and Families

With the TB-level hard disk image design, you are free to copy or backup hundreds of movies, videos, songs and other large amount of data in the shortest time; With the highly securely disk wipe solution, you are able to protect your privacy or any kind of sensitive information by destroying them permanently; With the 0-training design, you are able to use it like using your cell phones.                  

Top highlights of the hard drive duplicator for individuals and families

001.A good assistant for your entertainment, you can copy or backup your favorite movies, music, books and anything you like in the shortest time, thanks to fastest data copy transfer speed, which can reach up to 7.0GB/min; once there are 200 pieces of movies in 600GB, in the past you must wait for a whole day to finish such huge data copy processing, now you only need waiting for 1hour

002.Ease of use and portable design, simple Touch Screen User Interface and Programmed Keyboard, this hard drive duplicator unit mitigate your worries about the complicated operations, what you have to do is to press some buttons on the screen, and then all the task will complished on the fly. Meanwhile the impressive hard drive duplicator package is very humanized and portable;

003.The most cost-effective solution for your data backup, you just need paying the price of a data backup hardware, however, you bring home a mutifunction hard drive duplicator, such as HDD auto diagnosis, bad sector processing, data erasing, and data integrity verification, etc.

004.No training, this hard drive duplicator is different from our other products,the operation is simple. Therefore, once you receive our hard drive duplicator, you are a technician as well. Maybe you can gain additional money by your part-time job.

005.A promise to secure your individual privacy, it is always mistaken that the data on your HDD which was deleted doesn’t exist, in fact, it still lives in your hard drive, because it can’t be deleted physically. at this moment, the HDD is abandoned casually, consequently your privacy on your HDD are being exposed and maybe your life get risks of danger. Especially designed to meet the U.S. Department of Defense specification DOD 5220-22M regarding the sanitization of hard disk, our hard drive duplicator can provide up to 999 rounds of 0 fill, F fill or random data strings fill to the hard drive so as to complete permanent data erasing. and the real-time data easing transfer speed can reach up to 8.0GB/min.