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Data Copy King: Disk Image tools for data recovery

Data Copy king is the newly designed universal hard drive duplicator, it’s also one excellent disk image tool for data recovery fields to copy hard drives with a lot of bad sectors and copy unstable hard drives fast.

With a wide support of Seagate, western digital, Samsung, Maxtor, Hitachi/IBM, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Quantum and all other IDE/SATA hard drives, flash drives with additional adapters, the disk image hardware is able to copy data fast from not only good drives but hard drives with logical failure, severe bad sectors and even with clicking noises. With the data copy speed up to 7GB/min, it makes your data recovery jobs easier and more efficient to survive the data recovery business competition.

Top Highlights For Data recovery companies

001: Data Copy King integrates the latest bad sector repair and bypassing technology as used in Data Compass which is able to retrieve up to 95 percent of bad sectors that are partially corrupted and cannot be cloned/imaged by any other disk image tools and our hard drive duplicator provides built-in forward disk image, backward disk image, Intact disk image and full disk image to copy any byte of data stored in the source disk.

002: When your hard drive suffered clicking noises, don’t worry, only if the patient drive is still recognized in the bios, Data copy king is able to copy 300% more data than other disk image tools from the patient drive to the target drive with the advanced ‘Head Prefetch’ technology and the bad sector handling technology

003: Data Copy King with a real-tested disk imaging speed up to 7.0GB/min (420GB/hour). That means you can image a 70GB hard disk less than 10 minutes. You can image your customers patient hard disk to a good one and then operate on the good drive to avoid a further damage to the source disk and make the data inaccessible.

005: Data Copy King bypasses the Bios/OS to retrieve and copy directly all available data, good and bad from the source disk to the good disk, you don’t need to connect the computer!

006: Friendly ATA commands of Data Copy King enable a pre-configuration to the hard drive to reduce the read times and intensity of the read operations to avoid any possible further damage to the patient hard disk.

007: Data Copy King reduces the time to image one hard disk with bad sectors, processing the image within several hours while the traditional disk image tools use several days or are impossible to image.

008: Data Copy King automatically resets/reboots drives that become unresponsive to continue disk imaging process, so you don't need to stand around watching and waiting for the entire system to be rebooted.

009: You can easily set the value for the start LBA and End LBA and copy the partition which you are aiming to keep. You can maximally increase the efficiency to get the valid and wanted data back.

010: 'Image to file'allows Users to image the full source disk to file and store on the target disk after a build-in format function.

011: ‘Image one single partition’and ‘Wipe one single partition’allows you to select the partition you need only and image the specific partition from the source disk to target disk, or wipe off a selected partition permanently.

012: You can stop or continue the disk imaging process as you need, the imaging process continue from where you stop it and there will be a timely readable log for you to check the good/bad/unprocessed sectors.

013: Data Copy King supports Seagate, western digital, Samsung, Maxtor, Hitachi/IBM, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Quantum and all other hard drives, flash drives supported with additional adapters. the hard drive duplicator supports all kind of OS such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Sun, OS6, MAC, ETC.

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