Upgrade your data copy king now-Universal disk imager

Since the first 50 Data Copy King were shipped to customers worldwide, we've received many feedbacks about how to improve data copy king and make it work more excellently as one universal hard drive duplicator!


DCK upgrade.jpg


The following are the features of the first upgrade of the hard drive duplicator:


1, DCK becomes faster and more stable to search the HDDs

If you perform a task before the HDD becomes ready, DCK may not detect the HDD and now Data Copy King detects the HDD faster and you can save time to enter the operation interface and start disk copy, disk erase and disk test.


2, ‘High Speed' mode has been added.

All hard disks don't use high speed mode. When you are going to use this hard drive duplicator to perform disk copy or erase, you must consider the health situation of the drives whether you should use High Speed Mode, if there're a lot of bad sectors or if the drives are unstable or if the drives are too old to support High Speed, you'd better cancel the high speed mode.


3, Change the position of ‘Power Off' to be easier to find and use!


4, Audio indication of ‘bebe' to tell the users the task has been finished.


5, One bug has been fixed: If there are failures in the source drives, DCK would give you an error message. ‘The target disk is unstable, it is recommended to replace it with another one to restart!' Now it has been fixed. You can continue the disk copy task without this wrong tip!


We will release more new features end of May or early June to make sure all the customers of this universal hard drive duplicator will keep competitive and efficient with this disk imaging and wiping hardware.


Data Copy King is one hard drive duplicator copying data sector by sector with CRC online verification and we will soon release the MD5 offline verification to make data copy king more friendly and effective for forensic computer professionals.


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