Data Copy King—The Hard Drive Duplicator Video is Available Now


Since the release of data copy king, we strive to provide best customer experience of the disk image and disk wipe hardware itself before. Therefore we actively participated fairs and hold demos for customers having firsthand experience of our hard drive duplicator —data copy king. While how about those who interested in our hard drive duplicator and have no chance of the field experience?



Now there is no worry of not having face to face of experiencing Data copy king in details anymore. After a period of elaborate preparation, we have shoot two video clip of the disk image and disk wipe hardware, on how to connect the hard drive duplicator with the target and source hard drive as well as how to operate the disk image function of the hard drive duplicator step by step. Moreover we have made subtitle for each video clip for clear understanding of the hard drive duplicator.



Here is the video clip links of the hard drive duplicator--DATA COPY KING :






With the clear and elaborated audio explanation and subtitle, we believe the video clip of the hard drive duplicator—data copy king will provides you the desired customer experience. Why not go and watch now!