Home− DCK has upgraded its data transfer rate to 6.8GB/min

DCK has upgraded its data transfer rate to 6.8GB/min and 7.2GB/min from its original duplication at 6.0GB/min and disk wipe @ 6.8GB.
"Time is money". With the upgrades of transfer rate, it will absolutely save your time or the time of on-site service for your customers; meanwhile your professional image will be upgraded too. And In transfer speed of disk image and disk wipe we are proud to claim that we are the winner of the like-products in this field.

After the beta test of Data Copy King by our regular and active customers, piles of precious comments and suggestions are fed back to us; and our engineers are committing on the optimism from user-oriented design to the full-featured functions based on the feedbacks as well as the last-stage test by our technique department.

In this last-stage test,  we not only upgrade the real-time transfer rate of data coping from original 6.0GB/min up to 6.8GB/min and of data erasing from original 6.8GB/min to over 7.2 GB/min, but also new humanizing functions with multitude of options to customize the operating process.  

  1. 1.Delete log files on the fly

Before this, only can users delete the log files when it comes up to the maximum storage amount. However, now users can remove the unwanted files on the fly.

  1. 2.Resume the unfinished task

Even users reluctantly stop a task in the process of carrying out disk wipe or disk image, still user can continue the task by clicking the shortcut icon for task resume; and you will be shown the info of the unfinished task records and the corresponding hard drive.
Data Copy King—the comprehensive had drive duplicator--is definitely intuitive and brandish which is worth the try with surprisingly effective results, compared to the disk image and data erasing software, even the like products from our competitors.
To learn more about Data Copy King please kindly email us via info@salvationdata.com