Developing Data Recovery Service with Salvationdata In Summer Of 2010


Project Theme: joint efforts with SalvationDATA on data recovery service


It is a promotion project not only for our existing customer to thrive for maximum profits also for our potential customers to start up or develop an all-around data recovery service.

And currently we are launching a promotion firstly in Asia market, later we will develop customized promotion activity of data recovery service for other markets in continents of North and South America, European countries. Therefore, concerned personals may keep an eye on our website.




Project planning of Asia market:


There was no denying of the popularity of data recovery software, and the promising potential market for data recovery service in Asia market especially India. However there is no reliable solution for data recovery or HDD repair which data recovery software cannot handle and no promise for data recovery success rate from physical-level errors. That is the point of initializing this project to especially in Asia market.

SalvationDATA has worked out one customer development plan in the Asian market and we are now inviting you as one of our longtime valued customers to perform this great plan which will help both SalvationDATA and your business to be promoted to a higher level of success.



Parties involved: your HDD repair or/and data recovery service, SalvationDATA and your customers!

Place: Your city
Dates: May 18-June 31
Subject: Repair dead hard drives, recover lost data; higher success rate, lower data recovery cost.



Seize the opportunity; develop your data recovery service now! More details please contact us by phone or email.

Phone: 0086 28 68107757



What benefits can involved customers get?



1, Banner support in SalvationDATA homepage about this promotion plan (deliver customers directly to you)
2, Marketing support: SalvationDATA marketing dept. will publish the news and relative articles in at least 20 good marketing channels to attract local end users to you and join the promotion;
3, Technique and other supports support: SalvationDATA will give you 1-3 preferential working hours remote support for your business on some difficult data recovery cases when you find it necessary, as well as documents and brochures sharing.



Meanwhile, during our marketing, we will focus your company, your services, your data recovery technology, success rate of data recovery and cooperation with SalvationDATA. Therefore, your data recovery service and brand image as well as ours will be promoted!


SalvationDATA Marketing Dept

May 17, 2010


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