Compuline Being a Partner Of Distributing SalvationDATA’ S Data Copy King In Latin America

Compuline starts distributing the latest disk image hardware— Data Copy King to Latin American data recovery market being an authorized partner of SalvationDATA.

Compuline, a leading laptop repair center in Mexico , has signed the partner agreement with SalvationDATA Technology LLC on April 30 th, 2010 to be one of our disk image hardware resellers in Latin America. Since then compuline was appointed as the authorized partner of SalvationDATA Technology LLC to present and sell the latest and fastest disk image hardware--DATA COPY KING as well as data recovery training service in Latin American market.


disk image hardware


Before entering the agreement with SalvationDATA Technology, Compuline provides a professional laptop repair and laptop repair training service, and also a regional computer parts distributor. And with the increasing market demands for disk image business and to expand its business scope, seeing the promising future of disk image business and considering composite factors in disk image hardware's reliability and after-sales support etc , Compuline entered into agreement with SalvationDATA Technology to develop his disk image business ; meanwhile, for better understanding our disk image hardware —DATA COPY KING and learn more disk image knowledge, they traveled to China to have a first-hand experience of the disk image hardware—DATA COPY KING . We demonstrate the operation flow of Data Copy King and test the transfer speed on the fly in a hard drive with multiple bad sectors; and it was quite satisfied with the real-time transfer rate of 6.2 GB/min. We believe that this cooperation will become one important step for SalvationDATA to dig deeper of the potential disk image market in Latin America.


Data security professionals or personals from Latin America, if you are interested in SalvationDATA's disk image hardware and you are looking for professional disk image hardware , please feel free to contact our partner to have products' presentation and experience.



Contact details:

Contacts: Alberto Navarro

Phone: (33) 3617-5783, 3618-5611