Home− Data Copy King is approaching to be officially launched in early April

To tell our customers good news that the test results of DCK in China are very satisfying and specially are favorably received by our beta testers after speeds upgraded, which are 6.8GB/min for disk image transfer speed and 7.2 GB/min for disk wipe transfer rate. Therefore, it will be officially launched at early of April for our long hoped for customers.

For DCK, it is a newly designed disk image tool combining disk wipe solution and disk diagnosis functions, with color touch screen and build-in SATA/IDE support, USB support with adapters, it is the only hard drive duplicator with ‘UNIC’ imaging technology which is able to copy data from good drives as well as drives with severe bad sectors or drives with data loss due to logical failure. The transfer rate of disk image and disk wipe respectively comes up to 6.8GB/min and 7.2GB/min.Lifelong real-time free software upgrade is provided by SalvationDATA on-line. It is comprehensively applied among data recovery companies, computer forensic agencies, security agencies, IT aftermarket departments, Banks, Universities, hosting companies, individuals, etc.

As thanks gift for customers’ trust and support, we have a special offer for the first 100 buyers, who will get 10% discount, so why not seize the opportunity to enjoy the excellent performance.

We are looking forward to sincere cooperation with computer forensics agencies, in terms of computer forensics training and computer forensics research, pushing both parties to a higher level.

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