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“The recently purchased Data copy King.  Another fantastic disk imaging tool!  All the tests that I have done on the disk image tool have exceeded my expectations. Three days after the disk image tool arrived I had a chance to use the Data copy King on a very problematic hard drive.

The drive a Seagate 7200.10 formatted in EXT2 was severely overheating and burning the motor controller chip on the PCB. The drive contained 620 gigs of data from the clients sever that had been wiped clean and resold.  The data was being transferred to the Clients new servers when it failed.  Applying several cooling techniques to the drive, a new board and a few modular repairs with your Data copy king; I was able to only image about 30% of the disk before the new controller burned out. I again changed the board and the modules.  The drive was then mounted with Data copy King and the same cooling techniques were applied.  

The disk image tool produced an exact image of the entire Drive in just 2 hours and 17 minutes.  The data, 629 gigs, was 100% recovered.  As with all of your products, the Data copy King preformed far beyond any other disk image tools that I have use. And most impressed is the Client, a former Forensic Data Analyst for 9 years.  He believed that the only possible way to recover the data was by doing a Platter exchange. He could not think of any Forensic disk image tool that he had used that would have produced this result.”

John Mahaney