New business opportunity with Data Copy King hard drive duplicator

Business plan NO.: SD01


For saving capital resolution

(1)Concept: with Data Copy King in hand, all the troubles, such as tightening budgets, security problems and working efficiency will be left behind far away.

(2)Budgets: the total budgets for this business are 1,998.00$, which includes shipping DHL or UPS fees, without any extra training and software upgrade fees (all lifelong software upgrade is free provided by SalvationDATA); and if you are lucky enough you will get 10% discount, for the first 100 buyers favorability.

(3)Returns: supposing that you have 200 pieces of movies are going to backup and each movie’s capability is about 3GB, so the total capability of your backuping videos is 600GB,

According to the current charge of data backup:

  • Data size: 600GB,
  • Number of File revisions: 1
  • Number of months of retention: 12
  • Estimated compression percentage: 5%
  • Monthly growth percentage: 0%
  • Monthly deletion percentage: 0%
  • Number of months into the future: 11
  • Cost of first month: 583.68$
  • 12th month’s backup cost: 583.68$
  • Total cost for the first 12 months: 7,004.16$

Therefore a conclusion can be drawn, conditionally, that you must backup about 600GB each month, and it will cost you more than 7,000.00$ one year, which ever doesn’t include the fees and experience that you shuttling between your home or company and data backup company. If the fees of transportation are taken into calculated, the total fees will increase up to 7,500.00$, that is a huge expenditure, especially under the atmosphere of “cutting expenditure”, however, if you injected a lump-sum investment of less than 2,000.00$ to purchase Data Copy King, you have saved up to more than 5,500.00$ for one year long, and that is really a huge money, which can be used to invest other businesses for your more numerous profits.

(4)Detailed steps:the best decision has been taken by wise you and it’s time to put it into practice, and the followed steps are what you can easily do to fulfill it.

  • Contact with the sales representatives of SalvationDATA
  • Confirm your tools what you want to purchase, here it is Data Copy King
  • Provide your accurate shipping address, post code, contact phone and contact person
  • Confirm you payment method which you want
  • Transfer the payments and await for the tools
  • Receive the tools and establish the way of saving money
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