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Computer evidence requirement

* Admissible: It must conform to certain legal rules before it can be put before a court. * Authentic: It must be possible to positively tie evidentiary material to the incident. * Complete: It must tell the whole story and not just aparticular perspective. * Reliable: There must be nothing about how the evidence was […]

Protection of evidence is critical

A knowledgeable computer forensics professional will ensure that a subject computer system is carefully handled to ensure that: *    no possible evidence is damaged, destroyed, or otherwise compromised by the procedures used to investigate the computer. *    no possible computer virus is introduced to a subject computer during the analysis process. *    extracted and possibly […]

Forensic data acquisition tips

Recently, many computer forensic professionals are talking about a forensic data image and data wipe. As for computer forensic tools, surely we all know forensic image hardware or data wipe hardware are much better than their software solutions, faster, more secure, more powerful and definitely a higher price. As for forensic data acquisition tips, the […]

Data Copy King For Forensic Data Capture

Forensic data capture is a great highlight for the new disk image tool-Data Copy King. SalvationDATA has researched computer forensics field for long and finally release this for forensic image. Forensic friendly features: 1, DCK has been designed with a amazing disk imaging speed up to 7GB/min, this enables the forensic computer professionals to gather […]

DCK and computer forensics

Data copy king is firstly a hard drive duplicator with the industry’s highest speed at 6GB/min,  it’s a friendly designed imaging tool for forensic computer professionals to backup data fastly, intactly and securely. Data copy king is also a disk wipe tool with the world’s highest speed at 6.6GB/min, it meets strictly the DoD specifications […]