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Propel Confidentiality Review and Improve Information-based Operation and Maintenance Safeguard System

For ensuring all confidentiality rules implemented, all secret services in China have carried out a confidential review to all party-government offices, important institutions and departments, with combination way of convention and specialization, since a new secret law was implemented officially in October 1. As soon as violations appear, they should be handled strictly. In additions, […]

Source Data Safe Guard

Source Data Safe Guard is newly designed by SalvationDATA for write-blocked data acquisitions of any USB Devices, with portable design and data transfer rate at 1.8GB/min. Fastest forensic USB-write blocker at 1.8GB/min data transfer; Portable and compact design and you can carry it anywhere to perform your computer forensic cases; Easy, write-blocked access to any […]

Data Copy King travelled to Turkey EuroForensics Conference

After the presence in the CeBIT 2010 Germany, Data Copy King travelled to Turkey to join the EuroForensics Conference and met its another proud show to the computer forensic professionals and data security companies there. As the same in the CeBIT 2010 Germany,  the data transfer speed of 8GB/min for SSD hard drive data wiping […]

How to have in-house data backup and recovery abilities?

Real data security comes from the in-house data backup, data clean and recovery abilities! New hard drives are having increasing capacities from GB-TB-PB and therefore it’s sometimes hard for us to backup our data for data security from these drives to avoid the data loss or we need to pay more money! That’s why Data […]