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HS Code for SalvationDATA data recovery tools

HS code: 84716090

>>Catetory: Data recovery and Data Security Equipment

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DCK Package Images

The following are the real images of DCK,  DCK is going to be released at March 15th around!

Please note: DCK is one hard drive duplicator and it can not be used to recover the lost data directly! If you are interested in data recovery tools, please visit here to check our comprehensive data recovery solutions.

Disk Image @ 6GB/min,  Disk Wipe @ 6.6GB/min

DCK will have a upgrade with a 14% higher speed, lifetime free online immediate upgrade!
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Please enjoy the images of DCK below:

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DCK and computer forensics

Data copy king is firstly a hard drive duplicator with the industry’s highest speed at 6GB/min,  it’s a friendly designed imaging tool for forensic computer professionals to backup data fastly, intactly and securely. Data copy king is also a disk wipe tool with the world’s highest speed at 6.6GB/min, it meets strictly the DoD specifications and reach up t0 999 passes DoD wipe operations to the hard disk drive. Besides, Data Copy king is a fast HDD auto detection tool helping those who are new to DR or those who want to see the health situation of the HDD with clear health report.

Data Copy King is going to be released on March 15th,  said by Edison Hsiun, the product manager of Data Copy King.  This tool will be the latest and first all-in-one data tool with disk duplication, disk wipe and fast HDD auto detection.

Why is Data Copy King a strongly recommended imaging tool for forensic computer professionals, government and military agencies with a high standard data security and confidentiality ?

*  Time is justice, reputation, hope, money and even life to be rescued! Data Copy king has been designed with a amazing data cloning speed up to 6GB/min, this enables the forensic computer professionals to gather potential evidence in a shortest time! For a 120GB hard drive, it takes 20 minutes at most!

* Data Copy King integrates the latest bad sector repair and bypassing technology as used in Data Compass which is able to retrieve up to 95 percent of bad sectors that are partially corrupted and cannot be cloned by any other tools. Data Copy King reduces the time to image one hard drive with bad sectors, processing the image within several hours while the traditional tools use several days or are impossible to image.

* With the latest build-in bad sector repair and bypassing technology and Head Prefetch technology, Data Copy King provides you with multiple build-in image methods such as forward image, backward image, intact image and intelligent image combination to copy each byte of the data from the source drive. Data copy king is able to copy or erase HPA or DCO areas on hard-drives.

* Industry’s highest data erasing speed up to 6.6GB/min, Data Copy King follows the strict DoD (Department of Defense) standard which requires seven passes and is able to provide 999 passes of 0 fill or F fill or random data strings fill to the hard drive for complete data erasing. Data copy King is able to record and save the data wipe methods you choose.

* Data Copy King supports CRC32, MD5 and SHA-256 checking modes to make sure the integrity of the data from the source drive to the target drive.

* Data Copy King has double build-in IDE/SATA ports which are physical read only, this guarantees no data in the source drive will be changed.

* You can stop or continue the imaging process as you need, the imaging process continue from where you stop it, all the operations on the Data Copy King will be generated into a timely readable log, the log is printable!

* Data Copy King automatically resets/reboots drives that become unresponsive to continue imaging process, so you don’t need to stand around watching and waiting for the entire system to be rebooted and all the possible data of the whole drive can be imaged to the target drive.

* Free lifelong software upgrade and after sales support! Free but absolutely professional!

* Data Copy King supports Seagate, western digital, Samsung, Maxtor, Hitachi/IBM, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Quantum and all other hard drives, flash drives supported with additional adapters. Data Copy King supports All kind of OS such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Sun, OS6, MAC, ETC. This enables you the possibility to a largest range of image and acquire the potential important data as evidence.