Wikipedia records the innovative DCK disk image concept

At the very beginning of developping Data Copy King, SalvationDATA put forward one refreshing disk image concept, that is called ‘Universal Data Copy‘. Universal DCK means its positions as the latest fastest hard drive duplicator, forensic duplicator, data wiping hardware and hard drive health checker as well!

– ‘Universal’ indicates the storage medias from hard drives to flash drives, from good storage medias to storage medias with defects such as a lot of bad sectors, unstable heads or motor after head or platter swap, clicking drives but still detected in the bios or other kind of logical failure with detected status;

– ‘Universal’ suggests a combination of multiple Data Copy related solutions such as drive health checking, data clean or data destruction;

– ‘Universal’ means the wide use among different fields like data recovery field, IT after sale field, Education and training field, Government and miliary field, computer forensics field, Financial department field etc;

– One important thing to mention about the ‘Universal’ here is the green concept used, no backdoor design, physical read only, 0 training required, friendly and nice interface, Energy-saving, cost effective, etc.

So far, this refreshing disk image concept has been recorded by Wikipedia, please read this concept on wikipedia here

Data Copy King will undoubtedly become the latest universal hard drive duplicator、forensic duplicator、 data wiping hardware!

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Data Copy King For Forensic Data Capture

Forensic data capture is a great highlight for the new disk image tool-Data Copy King. SalvationDATA has researched computer forensics field for long and finally release this for forensic image.

Forensic friendly features:

1, DCK has been designed with a amazing disk imaging speed up to 7GB/min, this enables the forensic computer professionals to gather potential evidence in a shortest time! For a 120GB hard drive, it takes 20 minutes at most!

2, Friendly forensic data capture features with CRC online verification and MD5 offline verification;

3, You can stop or continue the imaging process as you need, the imaging process continue from where you stop it, all the operations on the Data Copy King will be generated into a timely readable log, the log is printable!

4, Data Copy King automatically resets/reboots drives that become unresponsive to continue imaging process, so you don’t need to stand around watching and waiting for the entire system to be rebooted and all the possible data of the whole drive can be imaged to the target drive.

5, Industry highest data erasing speed up to 8GB/min, Data Copy King follows the strict DoD (Department of Defense) standard which requires seven passes and is able to provide 999 passes of 0 fill or F fill or random data strings fill to the hard drive for complete data erasing. Data copy King is able to record and save the data wipe methods you choose.

6, Data Copy King integrates the latest bad sector repair and bypassing technology as used in Data Compass which is able to retrieve up to 95 percent of bad sectors that are partially corrupted and cannot be cloned by any other tools. Data Copy King reduces the time to image one hard drive with bad sectors, processing the image within several hours while the traditional tools use several days or are impossible to image.

7, Copy or erase HPA or DCO areas;

Free lifelong software upgrade and after sales support! Free but absolutely professional.

Data Copy King For Government and Military Departments

SalvationDATA has been in data recovery market for over 10 years, we have many customers from the government and military departments worldwide. Data Copy King is the new disk image tool enabling the government and military departments to have a higher and green level of data security to backup the confidential data and destroy the sensitive data and recover the data from drives with bad sectors.

For the special features of the government and military departments, it is a must the tools they use must have no backdoor design, do not have any access to change the data in the source storage medias, the data transfered to target drive must be the original copy, the data destroyed must not be recovered, the tools used are easy to use with powerful functions.

For the above basic requirements of the military and government departments to use disk image tools, Data Copy king follows them strictly and make it friendly to use. Data Copy king is one 0 training required disk image tool integrating hard disk wipe solutions and hard disk health check solutions.

Data Copy King use both online and offline verification modes to keep the intact and original data including CRC and MD5 checking modes. DCK also follows strictly the DoD specifications and better supporting 999 rounds of hard disk wipe by customized data strings to each round, like Zerofill, F fill, etc.

With long advanced data recovery technologies and experience, SalvationDATA developed and released this professional disk image tools and it will be contributing a lot to the data security of  government and military departments.

China Daily introduces data copy king as the latest, fastest TB-level disk image tool

China Daily introduces data copy king as the latest, fastest TB-level disk image tool

Until now, Data Copy King has gained more and more attention for its industry’s fastest disk image speed and disk wipe speed. As one professional disk image tool, China Daily voted for data copy king to be a new star in disk imaging market.

SalvationDATA April data recovery training with its new disk image tool

SalvationDATA has released the latest schedule for the coming April data recovery training covering all the professional data recovery tools and the new disk image tool-Data Copy King and new HD Doctor-Samsung HD Doctor.

The data recovery training will starts on April 19th and end on April 23rd, 2010!

Detailed schedule for each training day:

09:30–12:00 Training time
12:00–14:00 Lunch time
14:00–17:30 Training time

Data Copy King will be displayed and demonstrated for its beautiful design and amazing disk image and disk wipe speed.

If you are interested in the comprehensive data recovery training, you can email us by After the data recovery training, you will be issued with one ‘Certified Data Recovery Engineer‘ certificate!

If you are interested in the data recovery training, you can not only see new data recovery technology, but share the useful data recovery tricks and tips with all SalvationDATA engineers and finally you will be able to visit our VIP data recovery center and we will introduce to you the clean room stuffs and clean room cases, etc.

SalvationDATA data recovery training has the most reasonable price terms with the most comprehensive data recovery courses and we welcome your coming and enjoy all of those!

Data Copy King is one 0 training required disk image tool

Data Copy King is going to be soon available on April 1st to the international disk image market. Ir’s the  industry’s fastest disk image tool with real tested disk image speed at 7GB/min and disk wipe speed at 8GB/min.

Data Copy King is very easy to use with color touch screen, all kind of operations are just button by button clicks, mostly one click to finish the process of professional disk image process. It’s like how you use your mobile phone to call your friend, just neet to call and get through, not requiring any kind of training to use it perfectly!

Data Copy King is one excellent disk image tool for computer forensics, many forensic computer professionals are able to use it with high efficiency to get the intact data from the source drives or erase the data permanently from the source drives due to the 0 training required design;  IT engineers or common staffs are also able to use it to back up a large amount of data within 400% faster speed than data backup with traditional databack up solutions, also thanks to the 0 training required design, the IT people are able to use it immediately when they get this disk image tool.

Data Copy King will surely be a breakthrough in disk image market and customers worldwide  for data copy king will definitely take advantages of it and cite the amazing development in the whole data imaging field.

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