Western Digital 4KB sectors hard drives

Western Digital unveiled firstly the 4KB sectors hard drives to the hard drive market in volume quantities. 4KB sectors hard drives are a signal of the feasibility and features of a higher level of storage capacity and this makes those who have large amount of data happy to keep their data in less storage Medias and convenient to find and restore their data.

The representative of Western Digital for 4KB sectors hard drives is the WD EARS Series with details following:

Manufacturer: Western Digital
Model: WD Caviar Green
Model Number: WD10EARS
Form Factor:  3.5″
Capacity:  1,000GB
Spindle Speed: 5,400 RPM
Other Capacities:  1,500GB, 2,000GB
Platters:  2
Cache:  64MB
NCQ:  yes
Interface:  SATA/300
Operating Temperature: 0-60°C
Specified Idle Power:  2.8W
Measured Idle Power:  2.9W

Operating Shock (2 ms, read):  65G
3 years

Data Copy King is one TB-level hard drive duplicator and disk wiper, it will be used well with such kind of TB-hard drives with its highest disk image speed and disk wipe speed.

WD Caviar Green

Disk wiper

Data Copy King is not only the fastest hard drive duplicator, but is one 8GB/min DoD disk wiper which is the industry’s fastest disk wipe utility, wiping data securely without affecting the acceptable life and wiping data permanently without the possibility of data recovery.

This disk wiper is one disk wipe hardware with color touch screen, supporting both IDE and SATA drives’ data wipe and wipe data from USB 2.0 storage Medias with adapter such as external hard drives, SSD, USB, SD, CF cards, memory sticks, Voice Recording Pen, etc.

Data Copy king acts as one disk wipe hardware solution and provides you the ability to have three levels of password protected disk wipe operations, the top level is called super password enables you to have full accesses. All operation process is recorded and readable timely and available also in the log view section and downloadable to the PC with the USB cable. DCK follows strictly the US DoD(5220.22-M) specifications and BMB21-2007 data security of The People’s Republic of China. When DCK is performing the data wipe task to the target drive, it can enhance the electric current of the working heads to wipe the data completely when there’re a lot of bad sectors while other disk wipe utilities usually get stuck and stop working or jump the bad sectors directly without wiping the data there or the other disk wipe utilities wipe only part of data in the bad sectors’ area and finally cause a possibility of disclosing the data which is not wiped! Besides DCK provides you the ability to configure the wiping rounds up to 999 which is 142 times of the DoD’s 7 rounds disk wipe operations. Whether it’s standard data stored areas, Virus attacked areas or DCO or HPA areas, DCK is able to wipe the data permanently and securely with its three optional wiping modes: 00/FF/Random data strings!

There’s one special feature with Data Copy King, that’s the automatic bad sector repair. During the disk wipe operation, the disk wipe program will detect the bad sectors and add the bad sectors into G-list and this makes drives with some (but not many) bad sectors working properly, like new hard drives.

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Hard drive duplicator

Data Copy King-industry’s first 7GB universal hard drive duplicator, Green technology, brand guarantee, copying bad sectors & unstable drives fast!

With over 10 years’ data recovery and HDD repair experience, SalvationDATA unveiled the world’s fastest hard drive duplicator-Data Copy King, 7GB/min copying hard drives, copying unstable hard drives after head swap or drives with a lot of bad sector fast.

This hard drive duplicator adopts UDMA-133 design, specially designed for TB-level data storage Medias, maximally supporting up to 131072TB. For 1 TB hard drive, traditional hard drive duplicators will need 10-16 hours to finish the data duplication task but it takes only 2.5 hours for data copy king to duplicate the data. Compared with the traditional hard drive duplication tools, Data Copy King improves your work efficiency and save your cost. So far in data duplication market, if you want to backup 100GB, it usually takes 100USD around, if you backup your data each two months, you need 6 backups each year, that means you will spend 600USD for data backup each year for 100GB data. How about if you have much more data to duplicate for backup? 1TB? 100TB? More?

It has been very clear Data Copy king has absolute duplication speed advantage over any other traditional hard drive duplicators. When we are performing hdd duplication, we have a lot of cases to copy data from unstable drives after head or platter swap, or drives with bad sectors and even some drives with slight clicking/none data area scratches, such kind of hdd duplication cases can be the most difficult ones. Even if the hard drives are still detected in the bios, traditional hard drive duplicators cannot access the patient drives to copy data or if it accesses it, it will be very slow, get stuck during the data duplication process and patient drives stop working and finally fail to copy the data out. How about if you use Data Copy King? The drives working with Data copy King must be detected in the bios too, but DCK has the following unique abilities and features other hd duplicators don’t have:

* Access to unstable drives with a lot of bad sectors and copy data fast, possibility to copy the data out is 300% higher than other hd duplicators;
* Automatically resets/reboots drives that get stuck to continue the data duplication process, so you don’t need to stand around watching and waiting for the entire system to be rebooted.
* Independent from PC supporting all OS and file system, sector by sector copy and synchronous CRC checking help to protect the source data for its integrity and original status and available MD5 offline checking will be included too

Besides above unique hd duplicator features, DCK has build-in IDE/SATA supports, USB support with adapter, color touch screen, 0 training required design and the other integrated important solution-DoD disk wipe solution, Data copy king will be your best choice to upgrade your old hard drive duplicators or become your first new hard drive duplicator.

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Hard drive duplicator resellers with gold business opportunities

Data Copy King as the 2010 latest first 7GB/min hard drive duplicator is expecting to cooperate with worldwide partners to the international disk imaging market.

We need now more trusted partners and resellers for this new hard drive duplicator and we will give unique support to this tool with profitable discount and support!

‘We pay and you earn’! Is the biggest feature for this product distribution!

We will pay efforts to market your company and distribution channels by article marketing, google adwords marketing and brand support!

We have designed DCK as one 0 training required hard drive duplicator and it’s very easy for you to maintain the old customers and you even don’t need provide after sale technique support!

If you want to learn more about this hd duplicator, please email us by info@salvationdata.com

Data Copy King is also one 8GB-min disk wiper

Data Copy King is called one Universal hard drive duplicator , that is because this hd duplicator can act as one 8GB/min disk wipe utility as well, the industry’s fastest DoD disk wiper!

Disk wipe tools are flooded in the data wiping market. As we all know, when we are using our hard disk drives, we always meet bad sectors, both logically and physically, sometimes, if your computers have a fall, there might be some slight scratches even if it’s still detected in the bios, as time passes by, the bad sectors and scratches become more severe and your drives become undetected at that time. Before that deadly failure, we should perform effective data backup and wipe the disk for data security. But traditional disk image tools or hd duplicators can not copy and wipe the unstable drives with bad sectors or scratches at all, therefore, we need not only some new and powerful data copy solution but also strong disk wipe solution to wipe data on the unstbale sectors and slightly scratched drives. That’s why Universal hard drive duplicators need also an add-on for disk wipe solutions.

Disadvantages of traditional Hard drive duplicators

In the past, traditional hard drive duplicators and imaging tools can only copy good hard drives or drives with few bad sectors, most of them were designed without considering the data copy from unstable drives after head or platter swap or drives with a lot of bad sectors. If you use the traditional image tools to copy such unstable drives, the imaging process usually get stuck, the source drive stops working when only part of data is copied and other kind of imaging obstacles. At this time, you need to re-copy the data and reset the starting LBA value. The operators can not guarantee at all what and how much data has been copied, what has been omitted. The direct loss is your efficiency loss, data copy failure and even further damage to your data storage medias to cause permanent data loss.

This is also why SalvationDATA designed and released Data Copy King as one Universal hard drive duplicator!

Head replacement and swap platters with spacer

The following video shows you how to swap heads and platters with spacer using HD HPE PRO !

One unbelievable platter swap solution for the spacer drives are to swap the platter one by one while most people that will destroy the allignment of the platters and cause data loss.

The face is that SalvationDATA engineers have had many successful clean room hdd repair and data recovery cases by the solution illustrated in the video, especiall Seagate 7200.10, 11, etc.

Download the Platter and head swap Video

Data Copy king is the 2010 SalvationDATA newly designed hard drive duplicator, after the head swap, the heads may be unstable or if the hard drive has a lot of bad sectors, Data Copy King is able to copy the data fast.

Video Copyright obesvered by SalvationDATA technology

7GB/min copy and backup videos

DCK is the 2010 latest fastest data backup hardware designed for TB-level, PB-level storages medias supporting a data copy capacity of 131072TB, it is especially excellent and convenient fo videos backup, it can copy your video sources from the old server to the new server at a 7GB/min and you will get the intact data in the  new video storage Medias.

If you are a singer with a lot of MTV videos,  one actor with a lot of video clips,  researchers with large amount of valueable  video records of some animals, plants, special phenomenons, big events, etc; or if you are one teacher or professors with much video courses, you are the owner of one video website hosting thousands of videos or if you are hosting companies hosting thousands of videos websites, or if you are police officers with a great deal of important video crime scenes,  traffic records videos,  or if you are news Medias with a lot of video news, etc,  you must consider about a regular upgrade and backup for your videos.

The first thing you should consider is the video data backup cost, surely, the data backup efficiency is also very important. Combining these two requirements, data copy king is your best choice to maintain the data security of your videos. Whether you are going to upgrade your storage medias or transfer your videos from one place to another.

The top 10 video sharing websites worldwide:

Google Video
Yahoo! Video

Data Copy king is the best data backup hardware solutions to copy and backup videos.

IDE/ATA Transfer Modes and Protocols

It’s important to understand different transfer modes and protocols that a drive (and interface) supports when you copy a hard drive.

Most of the advances in newer IDE/ATA standards are oriented around creating faster ways of moving data between the hard disk and the PC system. Since the IDE/ATA interface is in essence a communication channel, support for a given transfer mode or protocol requires support from the devices on both ends of the channel. This means that both the hard disk and the system chipset and BIOS must support the mode in question.

I/O (PIO) modes is the oldest IDE/ATA transfer mode and then direct memory access (DMA) modes, and then the new Ultra DMA modes that superceded regular DMA and are the transfer modes of choice for newer hardware.

I/O (PIO) modes

DMA transfer mode 1

DMA transfer mode 2

UDMA transfer modes

ATA-7 Ultra ATA/133             133mb/s                         UDMA 6 (133)

Data Copy king adopts UDMA 6 design, so if the hard drive supports UDMA transfer modes and protocols, the disk image speed will reach its final best tested speed at 7GB/min and disk wipe speed at 8GB/min.

High-speed copying bad sectors upgrade makes DCK the best disk image tool in 2010

Before data copy king is available to the international disk image market, SalvationDATA disk image team has upgraded DCK again for its ability to copy data from drives with a lot of bad sectors.

If you want to copy data from drives with a lot of bad sectors fast, data copy king is now your best choice, it can reach a high speed of 3-5GB/min, besides, it’s a sector by sector copy copying each byte of data in the source drive. It exactly meets the requirement for forensic data capture purpose and will be acting as one excellent forensic data duplicator.

For good hard drives, data copy king has now a disk image speed at 7GB/min and disk wipe speed at 8GB/min. Data Copy king is one upgradable disk image tool and all customers have the special rights to upgrade their DCK for free and keep their DCK the best disk image tool just for one time payment.