SalvationDATA has delivered the first 50 Data Copy King to the worldwide customers

SalvationDATA has delivered the first 50 Data Copy King to the worldwide customers including USA, UK, Canada, China, Japan, Italy, Germany, Denmark, India, Brazil, South Africa, etc since this hard drive duplicator was officially released on April 12th this year!

Customers who are using Data Copy King

Data Copy King
has impressed the world by its highest disk image speed at 7GB/min with solid state hard drives and 6.6GB/min for new hard drives with large capacity like 1 TB, 1.5TB, 2TB, etc. For its data wiping speed, it’s more unbelievable as 8GB/min.

Besides the unique advantage in data transfer speed, Data Copy King is also the 2010 most advanced and powerful hard drive duplicator which is able to duplicate bad sectors/unstable drives whatever the file system and OS is!

Some good features of DCK has been well commented, for example, you can stop this hard drive duplicator at any time and then start it again in the log section and you can export all the logs and learn what you have done. The obvious physical read and write only connectivity ports make customers easily understand how to connect the source drive and target drive (source drive to read only and target drive to write only). The physical read only port makes sure write protection to the source drive. Another interesting thing is that you can use the cute touch pen to finish all the process by several simple clicks on the color touch screen.

From the DCK release day until now, we have received some feedback from the customers and we will soon release the upgrade software to our forum ( and all the customers will be able to upgrade DCK for free by using the USB cable.

Data Copy King as one upgradable hard drive duplicator will be the best and most powerful all in one disk imager widely used by companies, forensic computer professionals, governments, military departments, education, banks, etc.

Now the second 100 Data Copy King has been available from SalvationDATA data recovery tools factory and all customers can order it now and we will ship to you by DHL or UPS express and you are able to get this hd duplicator within 3 or 4 working days!

Order now: info(at) or call us by 00862868107757!
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true disk image Vs. file system image

A true disk image is a sector-by-sector copy of the contents of the disk, paying no attention to the contents of those sectors.

Fastest 7GB hard drive duplicatorThat means a couple of interesting things:

* A true disk image includes “copies” of the contents of all of the unused areas on the hard disk as well as the areas that currently contain data.

* A true disk image, when restored, puts data back in the exact same location on the disk as it was when the image was created. For example any fragmentation is unaffected and preserved.

* The neat thing about this type of disk imaging is that the tool doesn’t need to understand the contents of the disk that it’s operating on. It simply operates on the disk at a level below the operating system or filesystem to simply copy the raw data.

* The bad thing about a true disk image is that it includes the entire disk, whether or not there’s data. If you have a hard drive with a capacity of 250gigabytes, then 250gigabytes is what the image will contain, no matter how much data you actually have on the drive. The actual image may be smaller, of course, due to compression, but the fact is all 250 gigabytes are present, whether you need them or not.

* The other type of “disk image” is more correctly a “filesystem image”. This approach is aware of the type of filesystem you have on your hard disk and what files are on it.

When a utility makes a filesystem image, it effectively copies all the files and folders on your hard disk, not unlike a file copy you might perform, and then also includes all of the system information relating to the files and folders it copies as well as, presumably, special cases like the system boot sectors.

A filesystem image typically does not preserve the physical location of files on the hard drive, only the contents and attributes of the files.

Learn what is disk image

Like a disk image, a filesystem image implies a couple of interesting things:

* A filesystem image does not copy unused areas of your hard disk; it copies only existing data.

* A filesystem image, when restored, does not necessarily put data back in the same physical locations on the hard drive (though I suppose it could). A restore from a filesystem image typically acts more like a regular series of file copies and will put data in the next available space by whatever rules the filesystem implements.

Actually true disk image will be good for forensic computer professionals to get intact data. Data Copy king has been developped as one true disk image tool/hard drive duplicator and besides Data Copy King is able to wipe data permanently, whether it’s HPA or DCO areas, the image and wipe solutions are able to handle perfectly.

disk image and iso

Copying the files off a CD is not considered making a disc image. Making an ISO of a CD is. It’s a faster process in general also, and then when you want to move the file, instead of moving hundreds files, you move 1.

An ISO image is an archive file (also known as a disc image) of an optical disc in a format defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This format is supported by many software vendors. ISO image files typically have a file extension of .iso. The name ISO is taken from the ISO 9660 file system used with CD-ROM media, but an ISO image can also contain a UDF file system since UDF is backward-compatible with ISO 9660.

Learn what is disk copy

An ISO image includes all the data of files contained on the archived CD/DVD, or any other disc format. They are stored in an uncompressed format. In addition to data of the files it also contains all the file system metadata, including boot code, structures, and attributes. ISO images do not support multi-track, thus they cannot be used for audio CDs, VCD, and hybrid audio CDs, which are usually ripped as audio files. However, for disks that contain a single track of data followed by tracks of audio, such as video game disks, the first track can be burned as an ISO, and the rest as audio files.

What is disk copy

Disk Copy” does an exact sector-by-sector clone  of the hard-drive. The size of the clone will be exactly the same as the total size of the hard-drive. The image may contain multiple partitions, and also files that were previously marked as deleted but physically still exist on the drive (i.e., files that were not securely erased).

Upgrading hard disks

Disk Copy is specially useful if you want to replace the older smaller hard disk by a newer larger hard disk without having to install the Operating System and applications once again. The media used as destination should be of the same size as the source media or larger to ensure that all data will be copied.

Backup patient hard drives for data recovery-Secure your data

In case of hard disks with defective areas it is especially important to back up data to an intact medium before starting any recovery attempts because the recovery procedure may cause further defects resulting from the inherent exposure of this procedure, while the physical copying of Disk Copy causes much less exposure than any other usage due to its linear operation. After backup, you can perform a recovery on the destination medium without having to fear any further damages.

Data Copy King is designed as one TB-level physical sector by sector disk copy hardware with the highest data transfer speed of 7GB/min, the most important is that it ensures 100% identity to the original. Data Copy king is not only one disk copy hardware, it’s also one DoD disk wipe hardware wiping data securely at 8GB/min.

Routine Backups and Disaster Backups

Data Copy King is the 2010 safest and fastest data backup hardware which is able to backup your data offline!

Routine Backups
Making backups is a routine, mandatory discipline on multi-user systems. On larger systems, backups may be created as often as two to three times per working shift. Usually backups are made once per day on larger systems and once per week on smaller ones. Backups are usually stored in a controlled environment to protect the integrity of the data (e.g., locked in a file cabinet or safe).  The system administrators will usually have written procedures which set out how often backup copies will be made and where they will be kept. Backups for large systems are often stored at remote locations.

Disaster Backups
These are additional backups of important data meant to survive all
contingencies, such as fire, flood, etc. As extra protection, the data is stored
off-site, usually in another building belonging to the business or in rented
storage space. It would be unusual to find the disaster backups near the routine backups or original data. Again, these copies can be stored on diskettes, magnetic tape, or cartridge.

If you are interested in more about this data backup hardware, please visit Disk Imager Official Website!

What is disk clone?

Disk cloning is the process of copying the contents of one computer hard disk to another disk or to an “image” file. Often, the contents of the first disk are written to an image file as an intermediate step, and the second disk is loaded with the contents of the image. This procedure is also useful when moving to a larger capacity disk or to restore to a virgin installation.

When to use disk clone?

Disk clone is especially useful when you want to upgrade the older smaller hard disk to a newer larger one without having to install the operating system and applications once again. With a cloned disk, you can get the previous disk back easily on destination disks or other safe places if your computer crashes or has a virus infection.

Data Copy King can be used as one special powerful disk cloning hardware and image all the source drive to upgrade it or transfer all data in the source drive. Fast and secured!

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What is disk image?

A disk image is a single file or storage device containing the complete contents and structure representing a data storage medium or device, such as a hard drive, tape drives, floppy disk, CD/DVD/BD and key drive, although an image of an optical disc may be referred to as an optical disc image. A disk image is usually created by creating a complete sector-by-sector copy of the source medium and thereby perfectly replicating the structure and contents of a storage device.

The disk image might be anywhere from several megabytes to several gigabytes in size, and will end in one of several extensions including .iso, .cue., .bin, or .img. For Macintosh computers, modern disk image files will end in .dmg.

A disk image is an excellent way to create backups of hard disk drives, as conventional backup programs can skip over files that are in use or are “inaccessible.” Backup programs might also copy data files but not program files. Moreover, a disk image copies the entire structure of the drive, including formatting. With a stored disk image on an external archive drive, if the main drive fails, the image can be copied to the replacement drive in minutes for a fully functioning system. It will be complete with personal preferences, tweaks, programs, files, and plugins.

Prior to disk imaging, the process of recreating a drive could take several hours, days, or even weeks. Drives had to be manually partitioned and formatted, and the operating system installed and configured. Programs were then reinstalled and reconfigured, followed by restoration of data files from backups. A disk image can take care of all of these time-consuming steps with a single, easy command. Disk images can also be used to back up CDs, DVDs, or floppy disks.

Disk images can be compressed to save space, or uncompressed — also known as “raw.” A compressed disk image saves room by using an algorithm that amounts to digital shorthand. When a compressed disk image is restored, the restore process includes expanding the shorthand to the original state as it is transferred to the new storage device.

Disk images burned to CDs can be used to evaluate operating systems without actually installing them. For example, Linux is commonly distributed as an .iso disk image that can be downloaded and burned for a live CD. Live CDs are bootable CDs that do not affect the host computer’s OS, but only utilize RAM. When finished with the live CD, the user can eject the disc and reboot the computer to the native operating system.

Some disk imaging utilities omit unused file space from source media, or compress the disk they represent to reduce storage requirements, though these are typically referred to as archive files, as they are not literally disk images.

Data Copy King is one unique disk image hardware imaging sector by sector from the source drive to target  hard drive, the target drive will have exactly the same contents as the source drive.

One hard drive duplicator provides you with offline data backup

If you want your data security guaranteed, never wait until disaster strikes your data, prepare now a data backup plan for your data and data copy king is one hard drive duplicator which enables you to provide offline data backup when you are not able to connect to your PC.

Data Copy King duplicates data sector by sector from your source drive to the new target drive, whatever the file system or operation system is!

How to plan for a regular data back?

1st,  Find out new storage Medias like new drives to store your data and find out where to store your data, the same city but different places or other cities.

2nd, If where you live has possiblity of being flooded, choose other places to store your backup;

3rd, If where you live has possibility of earthquakes or frequent earthquakes, like Japan, Taiwan, etc, you’d better choose to store your backup in other places or have some online backup if the data is not too big!

4th, Have multiple backups to avoid the damage due to possible fire, theft, or other disasters.

5th, If your data is critical it may be a good idea to have a quarterly and yearly backup as well so that you can recover files that may have been deleted, but not discovered until months later.

If you have Data Copy King, you will backup your data as soon as possible and prepare several data backups in the shortest time. Data Copy King is the 2010 fastest hard drive duplicator with 7GB/min imaging speed.

How to have in-house data backup and recovery abilities?

Real data security comes from the in-house data backup, data clean and recovery abilities!

New hard drives are having increasing capacities from GB-TB-PB and therefore it’s sometimes hard for us to backup our data for data security from these drives to avoid the data loss or we need to pay more money! That’s why Data Copy King was created for such kind of TB-level or a higher level of data storage Medias. For all IT related companies(I think it’s very difficult to find one company with only traditional paper-data in the world), the best way for us to protect our data is to set up a regular data security plan including data backup and data recovery plans. We can control mostly for some good drives in normal circumstances but there’s always exception like Natural disasters, accidents and many factors you cannot control to cause a data loss. That’s why we need both data backup and data recovery plan, especially for big companies.

1, For data backup, we usually backup our data each month and have several backups in different places, this is an ideal choice. But this requires the backup tool to be as fast as possible and as our data storage medias have a life limit, it can have a lot of bad sectors, physical failures and even some climate damages, so the backup tool should meet the requirement of above failures;

2, Whether for data backup or data recovery, the most important thing we care about is data security. Will the data recovery companies steal my data? Will they disclose my data? Will their tools monitor our operation on our data and then get our data? Any backdoor design? There are many questions we should ask ourselves especially if you are involved in some very confidential business, government, military data;

Therefore, to have a regular data backup plan with in-house data recovery ability help most to protect your important and confidential data.

Data Copy King for Data backup and data clean with other SalvationDATA data recovery tools enables you to own the in-house data backup and recovery abilities.