Data Copy King latest version 20100630

Data Copy King has now been upgraded with the new features as mentioned in the former post, you are able to download the latest version of Data Copy King by the following link:

Data Copy King Latest Version 20100630

Data Copy King is now upgraded!

We will release the new upgrade for Data Copy King today or tomorrow for the following features:

data copy

01: ‘Image to file’ is added
Users are able to image the full source disk to file and store on the target disk after a build-in newly added format function;

02: ‘Image one single partition’ is added
Data Copy King will detect the partitions in the source drive and you can select the partition you need only to image from the source disk to target disk, you can image directly from disk to disk or image the selected partition to file and stored in the target disk.

03: ‘Wipe one single partition’ is added
Customers can select the partition to wipe the data permanently when you want to wipe one partition only

04: Fixed one bug about the error ‘The target disk has bad sectors and cannot continue…’

SalvationDATA Data Copy King Team is adopting all the possible means to make Data Copy King more and more powerful and stable. We are also now improving the ability to handle bad sectors and will release in the near future.

Data Copy King will be your ideal disk imaging hardware and data wiping hardware, not only for its highest 7GB/min imaging speed or 8GB/min data wiping speed, but also for its upcoming new features and perfect running status!

exFAT vs. FAT32 vs. NTFS

exFAT was first released with CE 6.0 but will finally hit the mainstream with Vista SP1. exFAT has several advantages over FAT32:

-File size limit is now 16 exabytes.

– Format size limits and files per directory limits are practically eliminated.

– Like HPFS, exFAT uses free space bitmaps to reduce fragmentation and free space allocation/detection issues.

– Like HTFS, permission systems should be able to be attached through an access control list (ACL). It is unclear if or when Vista will include this feature, however.

In the past most power-users of Microsoft systems have opted to format/convert to a NTFS file system instead.

FAT32 is the file system with which most windows users are most familiar. Windows first supported FAT32 with Windows 95 OSR2 and has increased support for it through XP.

FAT32 has multiple issues that modern systems can experience:

– By default windows systems can only format a drive up to 32 GB. Additional software works around this issue. When formatted at these bigger sizes, FAT32 becomes increasingly inefficient.

– The maximum file size on a FAT32 formatted drive is around 4 GB. With DVD and high resolution DVD formats now available, this limit is commonly noticed.

– Dealing with fragmentation and free disk space calculations can become painfully resource intensive in large FAT32 systems.

– A FAT32 directory can have 65,536 directory entries. Each file or subdirectory can take up multiple entries; therefore, FAT32 directories are limited with how many files it can hold.

Interestingly enough, exFAT is not used currently for formatting hard drives. It is being recommended in Flash memory storage and other external devices only. This is why it is currently not considered a huge competitor to NTFS on hard drives.

However, exFAT should be a true competitor to NTFS on systems with limited processing power and memory. NTFS on flash memory has been known to be inefficient for quite some time. exFAT’s smaller footprint/overhead makes it ideal for this purpose. Of course, only if your definition of “ideal” allows software to be proprietary and not open source.

Vista will happily read FAT, exFAT, and NTFS from flash. ReadyBoost may not work with exFAT formatted flash drives, however.

In conclusion, basically, FAT is a simple system. This limits FAT system by losing efficiency at large sizes, but allows it to run with less resources. The complexity of NTFS increases features but requires more memory and processing power.

Learn basically something about exFAT file  system

exFAT file system

In the latest upgrade of Data Copy King, there’s one section called ‘Format’, this ‘format function is used to format the target disk with the Exfat file system and then the users of Data Copy King are able to use the ‘Image to file’ function.

So what’s esFAT file system?’

The Extended FAT File System (exFAT) is a new and not yet widely used file system. Some people are nicknaming it as FAT64. It has been out for a few years and it will gain acceptance and momentum  with the release of storage devices that will support the new SDXC standard.

exFAT file system suited especially for USB flash drives, introduced by Microsoft for embedded devices in Windows Embedded CE 6.0, in their desktop operating systems Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and Windows 7, and in their server operating system Windows Server 2008.

exFAT can be used where the NTFS file system is not a feasible solution, due to data structure overhead, or where the file size or directory restrictions of previous versions of the FAT file system are unacceptable.

Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 (both x86 and x64) users can add support for exFAT by installing an update from Microsoft. An experimental, open source Linux kernel module that supports the reading of exFAT files is currently under development. A FUSE-based full-featured implementation is currently in beta status. A proprietary, read/write solution, licensed and derived from the Microsoft exFAT implementation, is available for Android, Linux and other operating systems from Tuxera. A proprietary, full-featured implementation—XCFiles—is available from Datalight. A third party open source driver is available for DOS.

Data Copy King has no restriction of hdd brands, os or file systems.

New Data Copy King User Manual

Data Copy King user manual has been updated to the latest version!

Users of Data Copy King is able to download that in our official forum here:

Your suggestions are welcome!

Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid hard disk drive

Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid hard disk drive is currently available in 250GB, 320GB and 500GB hard disk drive for as little as $113 and a maximum SRP of only $156 for the 500GB model. Seagate claimed that the drive would be at least 80 percent faster than mainstream hard disks and a whopping 20 percent faster than its own top of the range drives.

Performance seems to be more than adequate with Storagemojo registering a 4x speed improvement compared to his own hard disk set up. Sure, the drive goes to 500GB, half the capacity of the biggest 2.5-inch hard disk drive on the market and it does not support SATA 6Gbps but it could have been worse.

Seagate appears to have struck the best balance possible between the various variables on the table. The technology is proven, it is cheap enough and offers some decent capacity with performance to boot from.

Get Data Copy King as the best data backup hardware and data wiping hardware for Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid hard disk drive, 6.6GB/min data backup and 7.7GB/min data wiping!

Buy Data Copy King with SalvationDATA summer holiday promotion

SalvationDATA has released their summer holiday promotion activities as the following about the purchase of Data Copy King hard drive duplicator:

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Data Compass Unlimited and Data Copy King

SalvationDATA newly released the Data Compass Unlimited version which includes two of the data recovery tools-Data Compass and Data Copy King!

Data Copy King is the add-on solution for Data Compass to be used as the high-speed data image and wiping hardware solution. Data Copy King is at the same time one independent hard drive duplicator and DoD disk wiper,  that means you can be wise enough to choose the best data security solution for your own purpose:

Data Compass
Data Copy King
Data Compass Unlimited

What is Data Compass Unlimited able to do?

1,  Recover data from hard drives and flash drives with either logical or physical failure;

2, Recover or image files you wanted only;

3, Recover and image unstable drives with a lot of bad sectors or clicking drives or unstable drives after head swap;

4, 7GB/min sector by sector hard disk duplication

5, 8GB/min 999 rounds of data wiping hardware solutions

6, Image/recover data by selective heads

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