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Data Copy King (DCK) is a newly designed 1 to 1 hard drive cloning tool from SalvationDATA technology, with color touch screen and build-in SATA/IDE support, USB supported with adapters. Data Copy King is the only hard drive duplicator with ‘UNIC’ imaging technology which is able to copy data from good drives or drives with severe bad sectors.

SalvationDATA is one of the leading manufacturers for data recovery tools with solutions to head/platter replacement, firmware corruption, RAID failure covering all kind of logical and physical failures of hard drives, flash memories(SSD is included), RAID system, and cell phones. In order to meet a higher level of data copy requirements, SalvationDATA developed the Data copy king. DCK is one super all-in-one imaging tool with solutions to disk image, disk wipe/data clean, fast HDD auto detection. This hard drive duplicator can be used widely among data recovery companies, computer forensic agencies, security agencies including government and military departments, IT after sale departments, Banks, Universities, hosting companies, individuals, etc.

DCK works as one professional hard drive duplicator, it has advantages over any other similar disk image tools or solutions. DCK has the industry’s highest disk image speed at 7GB/min for good drives and for drives with a lot of bad sectors, DCK can also reach a high speed at 3-5GB/min. This time, SalvationDATA developed DCK not only for data recovery experts, but also for forensic computer professionals to use it as forensic data duplicators, for government and military departments to use it as one secure disk image and wipe tool, for IT departments to use it as one excellent fast data backup hardware. DCK adopts UDMA-6 and is specially designed for TB-level hard drives of capacity up to 131072TB, so only if you have a large amount of data to transfer from your old source drives to good drives, you will feel proud of DCK for its amazing performance to finish your task.

DCK works as one latest data wiping hardware, it defeats all other data wiping software solutions or disk wipe tools. It follows strictly the DoD specifications and better to support 999 rounds of disk wipe operations with optional data strings to wipe the drives permanently, including data in the HPA or DCO areas. After the data wiping by DCK, you will never recover any wiped data by any data recovery tools!

Besides, DCK has ability to detect your hard drive automatically about its bad sector information and you can view the bad sector graph clearly.

DCK has data transfer speed advantages over any other competitors imaging tools:

Disk image @  7GB/min
Disk wipe    @  8GB/min

DCK is one upgradable hard drive duplicator which makes DCK more professional and friendly to its users, the most important, the online immediate upgrade for this imaging tool is forever free!

Price of Data Copy King:


Data Copy King Package has the following components:

Carry case;

Duplicator hardware console

USB cable

Cable SATA

Cable IDE

External Power Supply

Touch Pen

CD with software

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