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SalvationDATA Dedicated USB-IDE Adapter

When you search in Google with keyword: USB-IDE adapter, you will have over 1 million results about it, If you are considering the SD Dedicated USB-IDE Adapter as one of them, you are completely wrong. SD Dedicated USB-IDE Adapter The world’s first USB-IDE adapter on the market connecting USB devices and perform data backup, data […]

Coming Italy data recovery training on October 25th-29th

The data recovery training in Italy by IRS on October 25th-29th has been drawing very near! This data recovery training is some kind of advance data recovery training focusing on the firmware level and physical level of hard drive repair and data recovery. You can check all the physical hdd repair tools, disk image tools […]

Data Copy King in Taiwan

From August 30 to September 1, Data Copy King has gained thumbs up in Taiwan with one of SalvationDATA data recovery engineer there for the data recovery training! Data Copy King is one of the most famous data security hardware of SalvationDATA and now in Taiwan, it meets its new masters, they are musicians, owner […]

Florida opens the door for Data Copy King

Data Copy King has been used by customers worldwide and it’s also available in USA before by SalvationDATA USA distributor and training center–Top Tech Inc. Dba PC Warehouse in New Jersey. And it’s just yesterday, SalvationDATA annouced its partnership with US-DataRecovery to provide nationwide data recovery services to American customers. About US-DataRecovery US-data recovery is […]

Data Copy King meets different customers in the SalvationDATA headquarter

During the data recovery training between July 19th-July23rd, Data Copy King meets customers from different countries like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Libya, etc. Data Copy King is the fastest hard drive duplicator and data wiping hardware in 2010, it’s getting more and more accepted by customers from different fields. Data Copy King in the near future […]

Data Copy King in Tokyo Japan June 25

On June 25th, one of SalvationDATA resellers-NSS Tokyo Japan, had provided its third data recovery training to Japanese data recovery companies with a happy ending! During the data recovery training, NSS combined their long experience of data recovery and hdd repair with SalvationDATA data recovery and data security tools including HD HPE PRO, HD Doctor […]

Data Copy King Latest version features

Since our release of Data Copy King on April 12th, 2010, Data Copy King as the 2010 fastest hard drive duplicator and data wiping hardware has attracted customers worldwide in different industries, we have had now customers from Data recovery companies, computer training center, file management companies, Government agencies and Universities. It has been three […]

DCK MD5 Generator is now available

DCK MD5 Generator is now available and has been released in our official forum with DCK upgrade program. Users of DCK are able to download this for free! Click on the DCK Generator MD5.exe and you will enter the ‘MD5 Generator‘ interface!  With the DCK MD5 Generator, you are able to Browse any file you […]

Data Copy King In European Market will be more popular

SalvationDATA played a more and more important role in the European data recovery market due to the perfect cooperation with International Recovery Service (IRS) Italy offering both data recovery services and tools with high success rate! SalvationDATA and IRS have been discussing more about the future data recovery techniques and potentials and will give all […]

Data Copy King image file format

Within the new Data Copy King program, you can find one new function menu called ‘Image to file’, you are able to image the full source drive to file or you are able to image one single partition you want to file and the image file will be stored in the target disk. One thing […]