Data Recovery Training For April 25th-29th

We are going to arrange one advanced data recovery training on April 25-29 2011. We will focus in the training analyzing the methods, tips and tricks to handle different typical case studies by offering the attendees’ hands-on repairing and recovering. The users of our tools are able to understand our tools and data recovery technologies in a deeper level.

This advanced data recovery training was designed to improve your success rate and promote your data recovery business performance which may attract your interest.

The data recovery training in March has turned to be a big success in Chengdu. Customers from Australia and Macedonia got their 5 days’ training from our experienced senior engineers, which they believe is very helpful.

To ensure the quality of the training, make sure our customers can have enough chances to get hand-on practice, the class would be no more than 10 people. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested.

SalvationDATA Team

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