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Data Copy King For Forensic Data Capture

Forensic data capture is a great highlight for the new disk image tool-Data Copy King. SalvationDATA has researched computer forensics field for long and finally release this for forensic image. Forensic friendly features: 1, DCK has been designed with a amazing disk imaging speed up to 7GB/min, this enables the forensic computer professionals to gather […]

Data Copy King For Government and Military Departments

SalvationDATA has been in data recovery market for over 10 years, we have many customers from the government and military departments worldwide. Data Copy King is the new disk image tool enabling the government and military departments to have a higher and green level of data security to backup the confidential data and destroy the […]

China Daily introduces data copy king as the latest, fastest TB-level disk image tool

China Daily introduces data copy king as the latest, fastest TB-level disk image tool Until now, Data Copy King has gained more and more attention for its industry’s fastest disk image speed and disk wipe speed. As one professional disk image tool, China Daily voted for data copy king to be a new star in […]

SalvationDATA April data recovery training with its new disk image tool

SalvationDATA has released the latest schedule for the coming April data recovery training covering all the professional data recovery tools and the new disk image tool-Data Copy King and new HD Doctor-Samsung HD Doctor. The data recovery training will starts on April 19th and end on April 23rd, 2010! Detailed schedule for each training day: […]

Data Copy King is one 0 training required disk image tool

Data Copy King is going to be soon available on April 1st to the international disk image market. Ir’s the  industry’s fastest disk image tool with real tested disk image speed at 7GB/min and disk wipe speed at 8GB/min. Data Copy King is very easy to use with color touch screen, all kind of operations […]

USA Tariff look up

USA Tariff look up:

Tariff look up in ASEAN countries

Tariff look up in ASEAN countries: ASEAN members: Indonesia、Malaysia、Brunei、 the Philippines、Singapore、 Thailand、Vietnam、 Myanmar (Burma)、Cambodia、Laos MFN and CEPT tariffs are availabe to check through above channel for the 10 countries in the ASEAN.

China Tariff look up

China Tariff look up:

India Tariff Look Up

India Tariff Look Up

HS Code for SalvationDATA data recovery tools

HS code: 84716090 >>Catetory: Data recovery and Data Security Equipment