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Hard drive duplicator resellers with gold business opportunities

Data Copy King as the 2010 latest first 7GB/min hard drive duplicator is expecting to cooperate with worldwide partners to the international disk imaging market. We need now more trusted partners and resellers for this new hard drive duplicator and we will give unique support to this tool with profitable discount and support! ‘We pay […]

Data Copy King is also one 8GB-min disk wiper

Data Copy King is called one Universal hard drive duplicator , that is because this hd duplicator can act as one 8GB/min disk wipe utility as well, the industry’s fastest DoD disk wiper! Disk wipe tools are flooded in the data wiping market. As we all know, when we are using our hard disk drives, […]

Disadvantages of traditional Hard drive duplicators

In the past, traditional hard drive duplicators and imaging tools can only copy good hard drives or drives with few bad sectors, most of them were designed without considering the data copy from unstable drives after head or platter swap or drives with a lot of bad sectors. If you use the traditional image tools […]

Head replacement and swap platters with spacer

The following video shows you how to swap heads and platters with spacer using HD HPE PRO ! One unbelievable platter swap solution for the spacer drives are to swap the platter one by one while most people that will destroy the allignment of the platters and cause data loss. The face is that SalvationDATA […]

7GB/min copy and backup videos

DCK is the 2010 latest fastest data backup hardware designed for TB-level, PB-level storages medias supporting a data copy capacity of 131072TB, it is especially excellent and convenient fo videos backup, it can copy your video sources from the old server to the new server at a 7GB/min and you will get the intact data […]

IDE/ATA Transfer Modes and Protocols

It’s important to understand different transfer modes and protocols that a drive (and interface) supports when you copy a hard drive. Most of the advances in newer IDE/ATA standards are oriented around creating faster ways of moving data between the hard disk and the PC system. Since the IDE/ATA interface is in essence a communication […]

High-speed copying bad sectors upgrade makes DCK the best disk image tool in 2010

Before data copy king is available to the international disk image market, SalvationDATA disk image team has upgraded DCK again for its ability to copy data from drives with a lot of bad sectors. If you want to copy data from drives with a lot of bad sectors fast, data copy king is now your […]

Wikipedia records the innovative DCK disk image concept

At the very beginning of developping Data Copy King, SalvationDATA put forward one refreshing disk image concept, that is called ‘Universal Data Copy‘. Universal DCK means its positions as the latest fastest hard drive duplicator, forensic duplicator, data wiping hardware and hard drive health checker as well! – ‘Universal’ indicates the storage medias from hard […]

EU(European Union) Tariffs Lookup

The European Union is composed of 27 sovereign Member States: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. So if you want to check the tariffs of above EU countries,  […]

Russia Tariff Lookup

If you want to find our the tariff information of Russia, the following are two recommended channels: Channel 1: Russia tariff Channel 2: Russian Customs Tariff