What are the techniques used to recover data?

Data loss is caused due to any logical or physical damage to the storage media. However the techniques to be applied on the storage media depends on the cause of data loss. Some of the data recovery techniques are:

  • Logical data recovery

In a data loss situation when the hard drive is perfectly fine and the BIOS recognizes the hard drive but reports a read error, logical data recovery technique is very helpful. Here the files that are damaged or corrupted by any user error or virus attack are rebuilt rather than repairing the hard drive.

  • Fragmentation

When the FAT entry is lost during accidental file deletion, formatting or partition deletion that particular block of hard drive becomes inaccessible. Some data recovery software makes an attempt to rebuild the files without a FAT entry. This technique is very efficient if the file size is smaller than the clusters size. But it is inefficient in recovery the larger files.

  • MFM (Magnetic Force Microscopy)

MFM is the latest technique that uses a sharp tip attached to a flexible cantilever placed close to the surface of the damaged device where it interacts with the stray magnetic field. While the tip is moving across the magnetic device, it is evaluated to detect the lost data. The technique turns out each track that contains an image of everything ever written to it, and finally recovers the lost data.

Source: http://www.datarecoverysoftware1.com/data-recovery-faq/what-are-the-techniques-used-to-recover-data.html

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