Source Data Safe Guard

Source Data Safe Guard is newly designed by SalvationDATA for write-blocked data acquisitions of any USB Devices, with portable design and data transfer rate at 1.8GB/min.

Data Security Tools
  • Fastest forensic USB-write blocker at 1.8GB/min data transfer;
  • Portable and compact design and you can carry it anywhere to perform your computer forensic cases;
  • Easy, write-blocked access to any USB devices such as USB drives, external hard drives, SD, CF, MMC cards, memory sticks with USB card reader or USB cable;
  • Simple to use without configuration, no external power supply is required; USB device- Source Data Safe Guard -computer, that’s it;
  • Real-time LED indications for different working status give you more confidence when you are using it.

Source Data Safe Guard-SDSG

SDSG 01-Top Cover SDSG 02-LED lights & USB-Device Port
Data Security Tools Data Security Tools
SDSG 03- USB-Computer Port SDSG 04- LED Indications
Data Security Tools Data Security Tools

With Source Data Safe Guard, computer professionals can perform many worry-free cases to ensure there’s no change (write operation) to their USB devices while they are examining and digging the potential evidence from the USB devices so that the USB devices can be effective evidence objects to be used in the court.

SDSG 05- Work Flow

Data Security Tools

Original Design of Source Data Safe Guard
Design Number: XLY10*019*

Data Security Tools
Data Security Tools

Universal support to USB devices

> USB Mass Storage Devices supported
USB 1.1/2.0 devices usually register themselves with the computers as “USB Mass Storage Device”. As we know that many hard drive enclosures and thumb (flash) drives are using it, and some cameras, cell phones as well. So “USB Mass Storage Device” support enables SDSG to support a wide range of USB devices;

>New hard drives with USB ports only, external hard drives and other kind of USB devices are supported
Please note that: For USB devices requiring special drivers, the computer may not detect them but our Source Data Safe Guard still helps to secure the data to be read-only.

The 21st century secured computers

for enterprises, banks, military and government departments, security agencies

Traditional Computers with security risks

Data Security Tools

New Secured Computers with Source Data Safe Guard

Data Security Tools

The standard interfaces such as Firewire (IEEE 1394), USB port are designed with possibility of bidirectional data transfer-Read and write. The data can be transferred in and out by these interfaces and therefore, data leakage is inevitable. Traditional methods by using software to control the USB ports to make it read-only but the problem is the software control is easy to be attacked and blown away. Now new computers equipped with Source Data Safe Guard have the problem fixed. It stops the computer data being transferred out by the physical real-only design and at the same time, you are able to update your computer and software programs which the software read-only methods won’t allow. So from now on, you don’t need to worry about your computer sensitive and important data will be copied to external drives and your data is safe in a great way.

Source Data Safe Guard Applications

Enterprises Military Data Security E-government Data Security
Data Security Tools Data Security Tools Data Security Tools
Bank Data Secured Computer Forensics Other Data Security Agencies
Data Security Tools Data Security Tools Data Security Tools

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