SalvationDATA Dedicated USB-IDE Adapter

When you search in Google with keyword: USB-IDE adapter, you will have over 1 million results about it, If you are considering the SD Dedicated USB-IDE Adapter as one of them, you are completely wrong.

SD Dedicated USB-IDE Adapter
The world’s first USB-IDE adapter on the market connecting USB devices and perform data backup, data wipe, drive test, etc from the USB devices.

USB to IDE adapter backup USB drives
USB to IDE adapter

Application example using SalvationDATA dedicated USB-IDE adapter

backup USB drives
USB to IDE adapter

About the Traditional IDE-USB adapters

Traditional USB-IDE adapters, they are actually IDE to USB adapters and many people don’t write the name correctly.
Data Security Tools

IDE to USB adapter is usually used to connect IDE hard drives, CD-ROM, combo drives, or DVD-RW drives to a PC with a USB interface. The IDE drives can be hooked up and transfer files from computer or notebook, back up files, or store large file archives on hard drives or you can perform other operations on the hooked up IDE drives.

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