Coming Italy data recovery training on October 25th-29th

The data recovery training in Italy by IRS on October 25th-29th has been drawing very near!

This data recovery training is some kind of advance data recovery training focusing on the firmware level and physical level of hard drive repair and data recovery. You can check all the physical hdd repair tools, disk image tools and data extraction tools there and how to make best use of them to fix problems.

Data backup is one very important feature for all the data security and data recovery cases. Among all SalvationDATA data recovery tools, data copy king and data compass are the two ones with this feature-Data backup. Data Compass is especiall good for imaging faulty hard drives, flash drives and Data Copy King is mainly used to backup working drives at a high speed, meanwhile, does data wiping to protect confidential data.

DCK will soon be upgraded to image data only sectors and this will undoubtedly improve the data backup efficiency.

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