Data Copy King Latest version features

Since our release of Data Copy King on April 12th, 2010, Data Copy King as the 2010 fastest hard drive duplicator and data wiping hardware has attracted customers worldwide in different industries, we have had now customers from Data recovery companies, computer training center, file management companies, Government agencies and Universities.

It has been three months until now we have put efforts to improve Data Copy King with new features and fixed the bugs found by our testing center and customers. Now, Data Copy King is working with a stable status and you can make best use of its disk imaging and wiping and testing solutions.

Data Copy King latest version has mainly the following features:

1, Image or wipe full disk or any single partition at high speed of disk imaging speed at 7GB/min and disk wiping speed at 8GB/min;

2, Users are able to choose disk to disk copy or disk to file copy with CRC real time verification;

3, You can use DCK MD5 Generator to generate one MD5 value for the image file and secure the image file’s integirity by generating a new MD5 value and comparing with the former one before going to court;

4, 999 rounds of DoD wiping hard drives permanently;

5, Color touch screen, 0 training required and universal hard drive duplicator imaging or wiping faulty drives;

6, Build-in SATA/IDE support  and USB support with adapters, SSD suported too

7, Best portable hard drive duplicator without connecting PC, for any brand of hdd, file system and operating system.

Mail us now by or to get more details for this latest super disk imager.

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