Data Compass Unlimited and Data Copy King

SalvationDATA newly released the Data Compass Unlimited version which includes two of the data recovery tools-Data Compass and Data Copy King!

Data Copy King is the add-on solution for Data Compass to be used as the high-speed data image and wiping hardware solution. Data Copy King is at the same time one independent hard drive duplicator and DoD disk wiper,  that means you can be wise enough to choose the best data security solution for your own purpose:

Data Compass
Data Copy King
Data Compass Unlimited

What is Data Compass Unlimited able to do?

1,  Recover data from hard drives and flash drives with either logical or physical failure;

2, Recover or image files you wanted only;

3, Recover and image unstable drives with a lot of bad sectors or clicking drives or unstable drives after head swap;

4, 7GB/min sector by sector hard disk duplication

5, 8GB/min 999 rounds of data wiping hardware solutions

6, Image/recover data by selective heads

If you are interested in this best data recovery and image and wiping hardware solution, you will get the unlimited promotion here, email us now by info[at]

You are able to get not only the tools, but also our best technique and marketing support from us for successful data recovery business!

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