Forensic data acquisition tips

Recently, many computer forensic professionals are talking about a forensic data image and data wipe. As for computer forensic tools, surely we all know forensic image hardware or data wipe hardware are much better than their software solutions, faster, more secure, more powerful and definitely a higher price.

As for forensic data acquisition tips, the following are very important to know:

1,  Make sure what the examiner finds will be admitted in court, the data integrity and the forensic data acquisition tools etc;

2, The examiner, not the forensic tool used, must qualify as an expert witness;

3, An understanding of how to articulate what evidence forensic tools uncover is critical;

4, Clear, concise, accurate reports that draw appropriate conclusions are a very important factor in presenting the results of a forensic examination;

5, A sound understanding of the FAT and NTFS file systems is critical to sound forensic examinations.  These file systems are important because they are the base of Windows operating systems, portable flash media, storage devices and other digital media in use everywhere today.  USB drives, mobile phones, laptops, desktops and cameras are examples of common equipment that use these systems. FAT file system logical structures are utilized by DOS and Windows 9.x.  NTFS logical structures are utilized by Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista.

Data Copy King is one 8GB/min disk wiper/data cleaner which allows you to wipe the disk for 999 rounds with customized wiping modes, as one forensic image tool, data copy king is one sector by sector copy hard drive duplicator with CRC online verification, UDMA 133 data transfer mode adopted and the disk imaging speed can reach as high as 7GB/min. DCK is also able to copy bad sectors/unstable hard drives fast. You can image all data from the patient drives to good drives and perform data recovery on the good drives to avoid any further damage to the source drives.

We will appreciate if you share with us more Forensic data acquisition tips!

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