Data Copy King prospect in Indian market

SalvationDATA has cooperated with Focus Forensics which is one famous forensic data recovery company in New Delhi, India to provide the best data recovery services and at the same time, Focus Forensics help SalvationDATA with the distribution and live demo of all data recovery tools and data security tools.

Focus Forensics
Address: Z-33, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-II,
New Delhi-110020 (INDIA)
Phone: +91-11-26387178

This cooperation undoubtedly is a new start and also one important turning point of Indian data recovery market and all customers from new Delhi and even the whole India will get both the best data recovery tools and data recovery services.

Whether you have a request of data recovery from flash drives or hard drives, SalvationDATA-Focus Forensics New Delhi will recover the data for you even if the drives are undetected, dead and even scratched. Remember, there’s still hope for scratched drives.

Data Copy King is one of those tools which will play an important role in the Indian data security field for data backup and data wiping. The cooperation will defintiely promote the progress and prospect of Data Copy King.

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