computer forensics imaging

Computer forensics imaging becomes very important now and many companies or organizations need to have some forensic data duplicators to image their data as backups and therefore later can be easily analysized by computer forensic professionals to get the real potential evidence to protect their benefits.

The following types of criminal and civil proceedings can and do make use of evidence digged by computer forensic professionals:

* Criminal Prosecutors use computer evidence in a variety of crimes where incriminating documents can be found: homicides, financial fraud, drug and embezzlement record-keeping, and child pornography.
* Civil litigations can readily make use of personal and business records found on computer systems that bear on: fraud, divorce, discrimination, and harassment cases.
* Insurance Companies may be able to mitigate costs by using discovered computer evidence of possible fraud in accident, arson, and workman’s compensation cases.
* Corporations often hire computer forensics specialists to ascertain evidence relating to: sexual harassment, embezzlement, theft or misappropriation of trade secrets and other internal/confidential information.
* Law Enforcement Officials frequently require assistance in pre-search warrant preparations and post-seizure handling of the computer equipment.
* Individuals sometimes hire computer forensics specialists in support of possible claims of: wrongful termination, sexual harassment, or age discrimination.

So if you are one of above like the Criminal Prosecutors, Civil litigations, Insurance Companies, Corporations, Law Enforcement Officials and even Individuals, you will see the importance of computer forensics imaging and backups. Data Copy King is one 0 training required disk imager and hardware, it’s definitely one good choice to work as one data backup hardware for computer forensic purpose.

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