Western Digital 4KB sectors hard drives

Western Digital unveiled firstly the 4KB sectors hard drives to the hard drive market in volume quantities. 4KB sectors hard drives are a signal of the feasibility and features of a higher level of storage capacity and this makes those who have large amount of data happy to keep their data in less storage Medias and convenient to find and restore their data.

The representative of Western Digital for 4KB sectors hard drives is the WD EARS Series with details following:

Manufacturer: Western Digital
Model: WD Caviar Green
Model Number: WD10EARS
Form Factor:  3.5″
Capacity:  1,000GB
Spindle Speed: 5,400 RPM
Other Capacities:  1,500GB, 2,000GB
Platters:  2
Cache:  64MB
NCQ:  yes
Interface:  SATA/300
Operating Temperature: 0-60°C
Specified Idle Power:  2.8W
Measured Idle Power:  2.9W

Operating Shock (2 ms, read):  65G
3 years

Data Copy King is one TB-level hard drive duplicator and disk wiper, it will be used well with such kind of TB-hard drives with its highest disk image speed and disk wipe speed.

WD Caviar Green

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