SalvationDATA has delivered the first 50 Data Copy King to the worldwide customers

SalvationDATA has delivered the first 50 Data Copy King to the worldwide customers including USA, UK, Canada, China, Japan, Italy, Germany, Denmark, India, Brazil, South Africa, etc since this hard drive duplicator was officially released on April 12th this year!

Customers who are using Data Copy King

Data Copy King
has impressed the world by its highest disk image speed at 7GB/min with solid state hard drives and 6.6GB/min for new hard drives with large capacity like 1 TB, 1.5TB, 2TB, etc. For its data wiping speed, it’s more unbelievable as 8GB/min.

Besides the unique advantage in data transfer speed, Data Copy King is also the 2010 most advanced and powerful hard drive duplicator which is able to duplicate bad sectors/unstable drives whatever the file system and OS is!

Some good features of DCK has been well commented, for example, you can stop this hard drive duplicator at any time and then start it again in the log section and you can export all the logs and learn what you have done. The obvious physical read and write only connectivity ports make customers easily understand how to connect the source drive and target drive (source drive to read only and target drive to write only). The physical read only port makes sure write protection to the source drive. Another interesting thing is that you can use the cute touch pen to finish all the process by several simple clicks on the color touch screen.

From the DCK release day until now, we have received some feedback from the customers and we will soon release the upgrade software to our forum ( and all the customers will be able to upgrade DCK for free by using the USB cable.

Data Copy King as one upgradable hard drive duplicator will be the best and most powerful all in one disk imager widely used by companies, forensic computer professionals, governments, military departments, education, banks, etc.

Now the second 100 Data Copy King has been available from SalvationDATA data recovery tools factory and all customers can order it now and we will ship to you by DHL or UPS express and you are able to get this hd duplicator within 3 or 4 working days!

Order now: info(at) or call us by 00862868107757!
Click here to learn more about Data Copy King as one universal hard drive duplicator

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