Routine Backups and Disaster Backups

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Routine Backups
Making backups is a routine, mandatory discipline on multi-user systems. On larger systems, backups may be created as often as two to three times per working shift. Usually backups are made once per day on larger systems and once per week on smaller ones. Backups are usually stored in a controlled environment to protect the integrity of the data (e.g., locked in a file cabinet or safe).  The system administrators will usually have written procedures which set out how often backup copies will be made and where they will be kept. Backups for large systems are often stored at remote locations.

Disaster Backups
These are additional backups of important data meant to survive all
contingencies, such as fire, flood, etc. As extra protection, the data is stored
off-site, usually in another building belonging to the business or in rented
storage space. It would be unusual to find the disaster backups near the routine backups or original data. Again, these copies can be stored on diskettes, magnetic tape, or cartridge.

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