One hard drive duplicator provides you with offline data backup

If you want your data security guaranteed, never wait until disaster strikes your data, prepare now a data backup plan for your data and data copy king is one hard drive duplicator which enables you to provide offline data backup when you are not able to connect to your PC.

Data Copy King duplicates data sector by sector from your source drive to the new target drive, whatever the file system or operation system is!

How to plan for a regular data back?

1st,  Find out new storage Medias like new drives to store your data and find out where to store your data, the same city but different places or other cities.

2nd, If where you live has possiblity of being flooded, choose other places to store your backup;

3rd, If where you live has possibility of earthquakes or frequent earthquakes, like Japan, Taiwan, etc, you’d better choose to store your backup in other places or have some online backup if the data is not too big!

4th, Have multiple backups to avoid the damage due to possible fire, theft, or other disasters.

5th, If your data is critical it may be a good idea to have a quarterly and yearly backup as well so that you can recover files that may have been deleted, but not discovered until months later.

If you have Data Copy King, you will backup your data as soon as possible and prepare several data backups in the shortest time. Data Copy King is the 2010 fastest hard drive duplicator with 7GB/min imaging speed.

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