How to have in-house data backup and recovery abilities?

Real data security comes from the in-house data backup, data clean and recovery abilities!

New hard drives are having increasing capacities from GB-TB-PB and therefore it’s sometimes hard for us to backup our data for data security from these drives to avoid the data loss or we need to pay more money! That’s why Data Copy King was created for such kind of TB-level or a higher level of data storage Medias. For all IT related companies(I think it’s very difficult to find one company with only traditional paper-data in the world), the best way for us to protect our data is to set up a regular data security plan including data backup and data recovery plans. We can control mostly for some good drives in normal circumstances but there’s always exception like Natural disasters, accidents and many factors you cannot control to cause a data loss. That’s why we need both data backup and data recovery plan, especially for big companies.

1, For data backup, we usually backup our data each month and have several backups in different places, this is an ideal choice. But this requires the backup tool to be as fast as possible and as our data storage medias have a life limit, it can have a lot of bad sectors, physical failures and even some climate damages, so the backup tool should meet the requirement of above failures;

2, Whether for data backup or data recovery, the most important thing we care about is data security. Will the data recovery companies steal my data? Will they disclose my data? Will their tools monitor our operation on our data and then get our data? Any backdoor design? There are many questions we should ask ourselves especially if you are involved in some very confidential business, government, military data;

Therefore, to have a regular data backup plan with in-house data recovery ability help most to protect your important and confidential data.

Data Copy King for Data backup and data clean with other SalvationDATA data recovery tools enables you to own the in-house data backup and recovery abilities.

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