Head replacement and swap platters with spacer

The following video shows you how to swap heads and platters with spacer using HD HPE PRO !

One unbelievable platter swap solution for the spacer drives are to swap the platter one by one while most people that will destroy the allignment of the platters and cause data loss.

The face is that SalvationDATA engineers have had many successful clean room hdd repair and data recovery cases by the solution illustrated in the video, especiall Seagate 7200.10, 11, etc.

Download the Platter and head swap Video

Data Copy king is the 2010 SalvationDATA newly designed hard drive duplicator, after the head swap, the heads may be unstable or if the hard drive has a lot of bad sectors, Data Copy King is able to copy the data fast.

Video Copyright obesvered by SalvationDATA technology

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