Disadvantages of traditional Hard drive duplicators

In the past, traditional hard drive duplicators and imaging tools can only copy good hard drives or drives with few bad sectors, most of them were designed without considering the data copy from unstable drives after head or platter swap or drives with a lot of bad sectors. If you use the traditional image tools to copy such unstable drives, the imaging process usually get stuck, the source drive stops working when only part of data is copied and other kind of imaging obstacles. At this time, you need to re-copy the data and reset the starting LBA value. The operators can not guarantee at all what and how much data has been copied, what has been omitted. The direct loss is your efficiency loss, data copy failure and even further damage to your data storage medias to cause permanent data loss.

This is also why SalvationDATA designed and released Data Copy King as one Universal hard drive duplicator!

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