Data Copy King is also one 8GB-min disk wiper

Data Copy King is called one Universal hard drive duplicator , that is because this hd duplicator can act as one 8GB/min disk wipe utility as well, the industry’s fastest DoD disk wiper!

Disk wipe tools are flooded in the data wiping market. As we all know, when we are using our hard disk drives, we always meet bad sectors, both logically and physically, sometimes, if your computers have a fall, there might be some slight scratches even if it’s still detected in the bios, as time passes by, the bad sectors and scratches become more severe and your drives become undetected at that time. Before that deadly failure, we should perform effective data backup and wipe the disk for data security. But traditional disk image tools or hd duplicators can not copy and wipe the unstable drives with bad sectors or scratches at all, therefore, we need not only some new and powerful data copy solution but also strong disk wipe solution to wipe data on the unstbale sectors and slightly scratched drives. That’s why Universal hard drive duplicators need also an add-on for disk wipe solutions.

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