SalvationDATA April data recovery training with its new disk image tool

SalvationDATA has released the latest schedule for the coming April data recovery training covering all the professional data recovery tools and the new disk image tool-Data Copy King and new HD Doctor-Samsung HD Doctor.

The data recovery training will starts on April 19th and end on April 23rd, 2010!

Detailed schedule for each training day:

09:30–12:00 Training time
12:00–14:00 Lunch time
14:00–17:30 Training time

Data Copy King will be displayed and demonstrated for its beautiful design and amazing disk image and disk wipe speed.

If you are interested in the comprehensive data recovery training, you can email us by After the data recovery training, you will be issued with one ‘Certified Data Recovery Engineer‘ certificate!

If you are interested in the data recovery training, you can not only see new data recovery technology, but share the useful data recovery tricks and tips with all SalvationDATA engineers and finally you will be able to visit our VIP data recovery center and we will introduce to you the clean room stuffs and clean room cases, etc.

SalvationDATA data recovery training has the most reasonable price terms with the most comprehensive data recovery courses and we welcome your coming and enjoy all of those!

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