Data Copy King is one 0 training required disk image tool

Data Copy King is going to be soon available on April 1st to the international disk image market. Ir’s the  industry’s fastest disk image tool with real tested disk image speed at 7GB/min and disk wipe speed at 8GB/min.

Data Copy King is very easy to use with color touch screen, all kind of operations are just button by button clicks, mostly one click to finish the process of professional disk image process. It’s like how you use your mobile phone to call your friend, just neet to call and get through, not requiring any kind of training to use it perfectly!

Data Copy King is one excellent disk image tool for computer forensics, many forensic computer professionals are able to use it with high efficiency to get the intact data from the source drives or erase the data permanently from the source drives due to the 0 training required design;  IT engineers or common staffs are also able to use it to back up a large amount of data within 400% faster speed than data backup with traditional databack up solutions, also thanks to the 0 training required design, the IT people are able to use it immediately when they get this disk image tool.

Data Copy King will surely be a breakthrough in disk image market and customers worldwide  for data copy king will definitely take advantages of it and cite the amazing development in the whole data imaging field.

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