Data Copy King For Government and Military Departments

SalvationDATA has been in data recovery market for over 10 years, we have many customers from the government and military departments worldwide. Data Copy King is the new disk image tool enabling the government and military departments to have a higher and green level of data security to backup the confidential data and destroy the sensitive data and recover the data from drives with bad sectors.

For the special features of the government and military departments, it is a must the tools they use must have no backdoor design, do not have any access to change the data in the source storage medias, the data transfered to target drive must be the original copy, the data destroyed must not be recovered, the tools used are easy to use with powerful functions.

For the above basic requirements of the military and government departments to use disk image tools, Data Copy king follows them strictly and make it friendly to use. Data Copy king is one 0 training required disk image tool integrating hard disk wipe solutions and hard disk health check solutions.

Data Copy King use both online and offline verification modes to keep the intact and original data including CRC and MD5 checking modes. DCK also follows strictly the DoD specifications and better supporting 999 rounds of hard disk wipe by customized data strings to each round, like Zerofill, F fill, etc.

With long advanced data recovery technologies and experience, SalvationDATA developed and released this professional disk image tools and it will be contributing a lot to the data security of  government and military departments.

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