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SalvationDATA Has Successfully Equipped Data Recovery Devices for Chinese Archive Bureau

Archive management is not only aimed at storing historical materials, but also has great importance for real society. As the central role of Chinese archives management, Chinese archive bureau needs to assist all archive management institutions to classify with science, catalog, and manage with modernization. Meanwhile, it is necessary for it to adopt various means […]

SalvationDATA 2010 Worldwide Data Recovery Training Has Successfully Concluded

More than 60% organizations signed long-term data recovery training agreement with SalvationDATA Chengdu, China, Nov 26, 2010 — With the purpose of helping companies, government agencies and individuals reduce their exposure to data loss risk as well as equipping them with scientific knowledge of data recovery and advanced data protection tools, SalvationDATA has successfully held […]

Propel Confidentiality Review and Improve Information-based Operation and Maintenance Safeguard System

For ensuring all confidentiality rules implemented, all secret services in China have carried out a confidential review to all party-government offices, important institutions and departments, with combination way of convention and specialization, since a new secret law was implemented officially in October 1. As soon as violations appear, they should be handled strictly. In additions, […]

SalvationDATA announces new solution of disaster recovery due to head damage

Chengdu, Nov 22, 2010—SalvationDATA Technology(SD), the leader in data recovery and hard drive repair hardware solutions, announced today its new data recovery solution for failed hard drives of Western Digital ROYL families suffering head damage. SD’s mater 3+1 data recovery system is engineered to deliver an accurate, reliable, hardware and software integrated data recovery solution. […]

What are the techniques used to recover data?

Data loss is caused due to any logical or physical damage to the storage media. However the techniques to be applied on the storage media depends on the cause of data loss. Some of the data recovery techniques are: Logical data recovery In a data loss situation when the hard drive is perfectly fine and […]

Data Privacy Best Practices for Data Protection in Nonproduction Environments

There is a growing need to protect sensitive employee, customer, and business data across the enterprise wherever such data may reside. Until recently, most data theft occurred from malicious individuals hacking into production databases that were made available across the Internet. With a number of well-publicized and costly thefts creating both tremendous legal liability and […]

Source Data Safe Guard

Source Data Safe Guard is newly designed by SalvationDATA for write-blocked data acquisitions of any USB Devices, with portable design and data transfer rate at 1.8GB/min. Fastest forensic USB-write blocker at 1.8GB/min data transfer; Portable and compact design and you can carry it anywhere to perform your computer forensic cases; Easy, write-blocked access to any […]

SalvationDATA Dedicated USB-IDE Adapter

When you search in Google with keyword: USB-IDE adapter, you will have over 1 million results about it, If you are considering the SD Dedicated USB-IDE Adapter as one of them, you are completely wrong. SD Dedicated USB-IDE Adapter The world’s first USB-IDE adapter on the market connecting USB devices and perform data backup, data […]

Coming Italy data recovery training on October 25th-29th

The data recovery training in Italy by IRS on October 25th-29th has been drawing very near! This data recovery training is some kind of advance data recovery training focusing on the firmware level and physical level of hard drive repair and data recovery. You can check all the physical hdd repair tools, disk image tools […]

Data Copy King in Taiwan

From August 30 to September 1, Data Copy King has gained thumbs up in Taiwan with one of SalvationDATA data recovery engineer there for the data recovery training! Data Copy King is one of the most famous data security hardware of SalvationDATA and now in Taiwan, it meets its new masters, they are musicians, owner […]