New version of disk imager-data copy king is coming soon

SalvationDATA is upgrading its hardware disk imager-Data copy king in its ability to handle faulty drives with bad sectors and this new version of disk imager will be available for existing DCK users to get it for free from SalvationDATA official forum.

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Disk imager for malfunctioning drives

We can often find many disk imagers in the existing market, but few of them are able to securely image malfunction drives, such as drives with a lot of bad sectors, with unstable heads or other failures you can hardly image the drive completely with disk image software or traditional disk imagers.

Data Copy King and Data Compass are two hardware disk imagers designed for universal imaging options, from good drives to malfunctioning drives, from intensive imaging, reverse imaging , data only imaging, HPA imaging to extensive imaging, selective imaging, you can find the right imaging solutions with write protection in the mentioned imagers.

Data Recovery Training For April 25th-29th

We are going to arrange one advanced data recovery training on April 25-29 2011. We will focus in the training analyzing the methods, tips and tricks to handle different typical case studies by offering the attendees’ hands-on repairing and recovering. The users of our tools are able to understand our tools and data recovery technologies in a deeper level.

This advanced data recovery training was designed to improve your success rate and promote your data recovery business performance which may attract your interest.

The data recovery training in March has turned to be a big success in Chengdu. Customers from Australia and Macedonia got their 5 days’ training from our experienced senior engineers, which they believe is very helpful.

To ensure the quality of the training, make sure our customers can have enough chances to get hand-on practice, the class would be no more than 10 people. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested.

SalvationDATA Team

SalvationDATA Has Successfully Equipped Data Recovery Devices for Chinese Archive Bureau

Archive management is not only aimed at storing historical materials, but also has great importance for real society. As the central role of Chinese archives management, Chinese archive bureau needs to assist all archive management institutions to classify with science, catalog, and manage with modernization. Meanwhile, it is necessary for it to adopt various means to exploit archive information resource, so as to provide service for all aspects of society.

All files in national archive bureau are precious so that the archive management is of vital importance. In August of this year, “Chinese archive informatization propulsion session of 2010” is held in Beijing. Many excellent participants, who are file management workers, draw the outline of file infomatization instruction for society and enterprises.

Chinese Archive Equipping 70 Data Recovery Devices

In the session of Chinese archive informatization propulsion of 2010, all experts and scholars pay much attention to the archive information safe, which contains: protection, data recovery and data backup. Therefore, safety instruction is no time to delay in the course of abundant archives information’s filing, storing and using. According to the requirements of computer information management system, there has necessity to establish archive safe system, and adopt corresponding technology guard, so as to cope with challenge of digital archive information safe. At the same time, these works can meet the needs of various potential safety hazards, such as: data bug, electromagnet leaking, electricity interrupting, carrier damaging, compute virus, webpage distorting, and hacker attacking.

Finally,for protecting file data safe and pushing forward the process of Chinese archive informatization management, Chinese archive Bureau has equipped 70 technical data recovery devices with the help of SalvationDATA.

The new technical data recovery devices are not only an important component of file information safe system deployed by Chinese archive bureau, but also that of emergency plans for preventing files losing. It is said that the devices are cooperation between Chinese archive bureau and SalvationDATA, which is a hi-tech enterprise of China and a precedent of data recovery technology research-development institution of China. SalvationDATA has supplied with comprehensive support from all aspects: demand analysis, technical data recovery devices’choise, set-up and adjustment, as well as relevant technology training. The devices can achieve finishing off-line copying with high speed, complicate data recovery of various storage devices and complete elimination of confidential data. These functions reach international first-class level. So the devices are full of praise in the market of international data information safe devices.

The provider of Chinese archive bureau’s data recovery devices-SalvationDATA

As a manufacturer of technical data recovery, SalvationDATA is not only a hi-tech enterprise, but also a double soft certification company. Meanwhile, its technical data recovery devices have more than ten patent technologies. The strong technique power guarantees the leading safety and function of data recovery devices. In addition, as the biggest technical information safe device company mixing of researching, producing, marketing, service and training, SalvationDATA has provided all-around after-sales upgrading and technology support for the technical data recovery devices of Chinese archive bureau. Thereby, SalvationDATA decreases the expenses of manpower and finance of Chinese archive bureau, and its devices are known as the optimum price-to-performance.

In the rapid developing information era, the informatization progress of file management is no time to delay. It is necessary for all countries to build convenient, accurate, information safe system (IT operations), and raise the whole level of file informatization management.

SalvationDATA 2010 Worldwide Data Recovery Training Has Successfully Concluded

More than 60% organizations signed long-term data recovery training agreement with SalvationDATA

Chengdu, China, Nov 26, 2010 — With the purpose of helping companies, government agencies and individuals reduce their exposure to data loss risk as well as equipping them with scientific knowledge of data recovery and advanced data protection tools, SalvationDATA has successfully held a professional data recovery training, which benefited thousands of technical engineers, IT managers and governors all over the world.

Domestic Curriculum of 2010 Worldwide Data Recovery Training

It is well-known that virus overflow, accidental format and deletion, information reveal, storage device damage and many other accidents will cause great disasters to users, thus they have to spend a lot of money and time to rescue the crucial data. Usually, common data recovery companies will help them restore data as per their requests, but they will not train users with data recovery knowledge and skills for well preparation in case of data loss again. SalvationDATA’s worldwide training was held not only for equipping users with advanced data recovery tools, but also providing scientific knowledge and information of data recovery as well as abundant reference cases by deeply demonstrating data backup technology, data wiping and duplication technology, forensics technology and etc.

Overseas Curriculum of 2010 Worldwide Data Recovery Training

“With successful conclusion of the training, many local data recovery companies have improved their technical level and sharpened their data recovery skills”, says Zhang, CTO of SalvationDATA, ”We sincerely want to help all users enhance the capabilities of fending off the risk and capitalize on business opportunities by taking advantage of our cutting-edge data recovery technologies and training experience. One piece of good news for our customers, we’ll offer one more training chance at the end of this month in Chengdu. Welcome to join us!”

About SalvationDATA

SalvationDATA is the world’s leading professional data recovery solution provider. For more than 10 years development, SalvationDATA has helped companies, government agencies and individuals reduce their exposure to risk and capitalize on business opportunities. In virtue of its advanced conception in product design, SalvationDATA provides technology-driven services and solutions designed to help recover, analyze and produce data efficiently and cost-effectively. More information is available at:

Contact Information
Joanne Wu
SalvationDATA Technology, LLC.
Phone: 86-28-68107757

Propel Confidentiality Review and Improve Information-based Operation and Maintenance Safeguard System

For ensuring all confidentiality rules implemented, all secret services in China have carried out a confidential review to all party-government offices, important institutions and departments, with combination way of convention and specialization, since a new secret law was implemented officially in October 1. As soon as violations appear, they should be handled strictly. In additions, the review results must be linked up with annual evaluation and confidentiality funds, so as to ensure the maximum and overall implementation of the new act.

The primary goal of the confidentiality review lies in data information safety, one of the new law modification keys. In the party-government offices’ confidentiality review “Looking Back” and computer secret management inspection of last year, too many institutions exposed hidden leaks which were not coincident with secrecy inspection regulations. Once these leaks expose again in the confidentiality review, the institution information centers even the whole institution’s assessment and confidentiality funds will be influenced seriously. Therefore, at present the top priority for all information center managers is how to adapt information-based operation and maintenance safeguard system to a new confidentiality review, and how to preferably exploit the subject of information-based operation and maintenance safeguard.

Xinhua net has reported that all party-government offices and institutions should adapt to the requirements of confidentiality inspection after the new law was issued, and partial institutions should prevent the reoccurrance of hidden leaks because of using non-China data information safeguard products. To reach the goal, hundreds of key institutions and departments in China, such as The Ninth Physics Institution of China, National Security Agency and The 57th Research Laboratory of Headquarter, deploy SD-DSM which is an all-range trinity data information safeguard system and is researched and developed autonomously by SalvationDATA, who has advanced and global leading technology. The SD-DSM includes three main functions of high-speed offline backup, data recovery, and data erasure or destruction. All technologies are designed autonomously by SalvationDATA and the domestication rate reaches 100%. There is no space left to design the system continuously so as to provide adequate safeguard for information-based operation and maintenance management.

At the moment, the core technology of SD-DSM has successfully passed the authentications of Chinese Secret Agency’s Inspection Center and Chinese Military Information Evaluating Center. Meanwhile, SalvationDATA has gained special fund support provided by National Science and Technology Department. The successful application of SD-DSM in national key institutions and departments has great significance for propelling confidentiality review and improving information-based operation and maintenance safeguard system.

SalvationDATA announces new solution of disaster recovery due to head damage

Chengdu, Nov 22, 2010—SalvationDATA Technology(SD), the leader in data recovery and hard drive repair hardware solutions, announced today its new data recovery solution for failed hard drives of Western Digital ROYL families suffering head damage. SD’s mater 3+1 data recovery system is engineered to deliver an accurate, reliable, hardware and software integrated data recovery solution.

Each Data loss situation can be different and the causes are often interrelated, not to say common PC users, but some professional data recovery engineers failed to evaluate the situation due to the received mixed messages or lack of proper data recovery tools to diagnose and restore the drives. In reality, approximately 80% of lost data can be retrieved but hundreds of thousands of gigabytes (GB) of data have been lost simply because users were not aware of their options and gave up hope of recovery. Head damage is one of the ‘hot potatoes’ as one common data recovery case. Data recovery companies usually charge over 1000USD to handle such kind of cases because the drive with head damage must be opened in the clean room, the clean room engineers must use professional head or platter swap tools to perform the exchange with donor heads or drives and finally use professional data extracting tools to recover the lost data. Unfortunately, few data recovery companies have been equipped well with all of those things to deliver a high success rate of recovery to their customers.

Hard drives with head damage are very sensitive and you must consider a good solution to avoid a second damage or the retrievable data become permanently lost. Data recovery cases of head damage are very common in our data recovery labs. Why? It’s actually quite amazing how close to the surface of the platters the heads fly without touching. To put it into perspective, a modern hard disk has a floating height of an amazing 0.5 microinches. A human hair has a thickness of over 2,000 microinches! You can see why keeping dirt out of the hard disk is so important! In fact, the floating height of a hard disk is smaller than the circuit size of a microprocessor. What’s even more amazing is how much abuse these hard disks can take when they are placed in laptop PCs, for example, given these facts, and how many people take this technology for granted every day. That’s also why it’s always suggested to shut down your computer while your drive suffers clicking noises until you find real professional data recovery companies for look into your cases.

Data Compass, the core product of SalvationDATA 3+1 data recovery system is announced today with a new solution to western digital hard drives of ROYL families to fix the head damage and recover the lost data by loading from the primary head of secondary head. Users of it don’t need to be equipped with clean room because the drives with head damage are not required to be opened and you don’t need to spend time and dollars to search or buy donor heads or drives. All you need to do is to click some simple buttons and boot the drives again.

“This cutting-edge technology is aimed to solve that WD ROYL hard drives cannot be booted when one of the main heads fails to work. This malfunction usually has following symptoms: power on the HDD, the motor spins up, the heads starts seeking and give “cackling” sound, the motor stops after trying two or three times. There are two copies of WD firmware, one is stored on logical head 0(primary head), the other is on logical head 1(secondary head); if both the primary head and secondary head are damaged, you may not use this technology because there’s no firmware stored in other heads”, Said Mr. Sebean Koehler, one clean room data recovery engineer of SalvationDATA.

About SalvationDATA

SalvationDATA is one of the most famous manufacturers for data recovery tools, hdd repair tools, computer forensic hardware, cell phone data recovery tools and they also help customers to plan for data recovery business and set up one in-house data management center. Visit their official website at

What are the techniques used to recover data?

Data loss is caused due to any logical or physical damage to the storage media. However the techniques to be applied on the storage media depends on the cause of data loss. Some of the data recovery techniques are:

  • Logical data recovery

In a data loss situation when the hard drive is perfectly fine and the BIOS recognizes the hard drive but reports a read error, logical data recovery technique is very helpful. Here the files that are damaged or corrupted by any user error or virus attack are rebuilt rather than repairing the hard drive.

  • Fragmentation

When the FAT entry is lost during accidental file deletion, formatting or partition deletion that particular block of hard drive becomes inaccessible. Some data recovery software makes an attempt to rebuild the files without a FAT entry. This technique is very efficient if the file size is smaller than the clusters size. But it is inefficient in recovery the larger files.

  • MFM (Magnetic Force Microscopy)

MFM is the latest technique that uses a sharp tip attached to a flexible cantilever placed close to the surface of the damaged device where it interacts with the stray magnetic field. While the tip is moving across the magnetic device, it is evaluated to detect the lost data. The technique turns out each track that contains an image of everything ever written to it, and finally recovers the lost data.


Data Privacy Best Practices for Data Protection in Nonproduction Environments

There is a growing need to protect sensitive employee, customer, and business data across the enterprise wherever such data may reside. Until recently, most data theft occurred from malicious individuals hacking into production databases that were made available across the Internet. With a number of well-publicized and costly thefts creating both tremendous legal liability and bad publicity for the effected organizations, business has quickly grown more and more sophisticated in protecting against such schemes.

While the industry deals with the most egregious aspects of data theft, an important tier of computer data remains practically untouched and unprotected by today’s new data security procedures: nonproduction systems used for in-house development, testing, and training purposes are generally open systems and leave a large hole in the data privacy practices at companies of all sizes.

This white paper discusses best practices for creating data privacy procedures in nonproduction environments. These procedures include creating a comprehensive set of policies to classify data types that need to be protected, integrating these policies into day-to-day business processes, providing ongoing compliance reviews, using a proven commercial solution for masking sensitive data in all nonproduction environments, and integrating these privacy processes and technology across the enterprise.


Source Data Safe Guard

Source Data Safe Guard is newly designed by SalvationDATA for write-blocked data acquisitions of any USB Devices, with portable design and data transfer rate at 1.8GB/min.

Data Security Tools
  • Fastest forensic USB-write blocker at 1.8GB/min data transfer;
  • Portable and compact design and you can carry it anywhere to perform your computer forensic cases;
  • Easy, write-blocked access to any USB devices such as USB drives, external hard drives, SD, CF, MMC cards, memory sticks with USB card reader or USB cable;
  • Simple to use without configuration, no external power supply is required; USB device- Source Data Safe Guard -computer, that’s it;
  • Real-time LED indications for different working status give you more confidence when you are using it.

Source Data Safe Guard-SDSG

SDSG 01-Top Cover SDSG 02-LED lights & USB-Device Port
Data Security Tools Data Security Tools
SDSG 03- USB-Computer Port SDSG 04- LED Indications
Data Security Tools Data Security Tools

With Source Data Safe Guard, computer professionals can perform many worry-free cases to ensure there’s no change (write operation) to their USB devices while they are examining and digging the potential evidence from the USB devices so that the USB devices can be effective evidence objects to be used in the court.

SDSG 05- Work Flow

Data Security Tools

Original Design of Source Data Safe Guard
Design Number: XLY10*019*

Data Security Tools
Data Security Tools

Universal support to USB devices

> USB Mass Storage Devices supported
USB 1.1/2.0 devices usually register themselves with the computers as “USB Mass Storage Device”. As we know that many hard drive enclosures and thumb (flash) drives are using it, and some cameras, cell phones as well. So “USB Mass Storage Device” support enables SDSG to support a wide range of USB devices;

>New hard drives with USB ports only, external hard drives and other kind of USB devices are supported
Please note that: For USB devices requiring special drivers, the computer may not detect them but our Source Data Safe Guard still helps to secure the data to be read-only.

The 21st century secured computers

for enterprises, banks, military and government departments, security agencies

Traditional Computers with security risks

Data Security Tools

New Secured Computers with Source Data Safe Guard

Data Security Tools

The standard interfaces such as Firewire (IEEE 1394), USB port are designed with possibility of bidirectional data transfer-Read and write. The data can be transferred in and out by these interfaces and therefore, data leakage is inevitable. Traditional methods by using software to control the USB ports to make it read-only but the problem is the software control is easy to be attacked and blown away. Now new computers equipped with Source Data Safe Guard have the problem fixed. It stops the computer data being transferred out by the physical real-only design and at the same time, you are able to update your computer and software programs which the software read-only methods won’t allow. So from now on, you don’t need to worry about your computer sensitive and important data will be copied to external drives and your data is safe in a great way.

Source Data Safe Guard Applications

Enterprises Military Data Security E-government Data Security
Data Security Tools Data Security Tools Data Security Tools
Bank Data Secured Computer Forensics Other Data Security Agencies
Data Security Tools Data Security Tools Data Security Tools